Natanael Cano says that Dua Lipa will be his wife and explains why he was at Drake’s house

The Mexican youtuber Berth Oh has a well-known section on his YouTube channel which he has called Shopping for sneakerswhich is about having a special guest from the show business and/or social networks to interview him about various topics of his career and personal life, but at the same time they go to an establishment selling footwear and sportswear where he discovers the style and preferences of the guest when buying.

For the section of Shopping for sneakers Well-known national and international internet and music personalities have passed by, such as Kenia Os, Carín León, Alemán, Nathy Peluso, Ovi, La Cotorrisa and more. In the recent video that Berth has released, he has had as a guest the creator of the lying corridos genre, Nathanael Cano, who, in addition to breaking the record for the largest amount a guest has spent, he has also made revelations such as that Dua Lipa will be his wife Y why was he at the singer Drake’s houseamong others.

During this interesting participation, the influencer discovered that the interpreter from Sonora really likes the Supreme brand, from which he took several garments. Collection sneakers, designer jacket and even some extra sneakers to give away outside when some sneakers are hung on a tree, courtesy of the host store, plus the ones that Nata gave away.

Projects, desires and what does Nathanael Cano dream of?

However, beyond the expensive purchase, in which in minutes the singer Natanael Cano spent more than 600 thousand Mexican pesosit was also possible to know about the projects, desires and dreams that the 21-year-old artist has. Among one of his statements is his love for Dua Lipa and how he perceives Billie Eilish.

It turns out that talking about a design of a shirt that is a collaboration of OVO x Playboy, it turned out that Nata said that she was at the house of the singer Drake and explained why.

A little while ago I was at his house, at the album of natakong I recorded a song called Toronto, and I named it Toronto because that’s where all Drake’s people are from. And Drake’s people, a friend of his spoke to me and said ‘come here to Hidden Hills in Los Angeles in Drake’s mansion, come here, I have the producer and everything. I record a song,” said Nathanael.

The interpreter said that although on that occasion the Canadian artist was not on the property, he managed to be at Drake’s house, working with his team and it was something “crazy”. “That crazy guy’s house. Someday,” Nathanael added.

When asked about what it is like now to live the dream of being close to stars like Drake or Billie Eilish, whom Cano was quite close to during his recent participation in the US festival Coachella, it is where he stated that Billie is like seeing an alien.

You have Billie Eilish and pretend that you are seeing an alien, she is pretty, white, her eyes shine incredible. I love her! I love you, I love you too Dua Lipa, we are going to get married soon, cut that bato you already bring!” exclaimed Nathanael.

Undoubtedly, statements that were also real by the rapper, but taken as a game by the host of the channel. Berth also discovered that among the projects and wishes that the guest has in mind is to make a film that he has in mind, although he did not give more details about it.

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That’s how he singer Mexican has shown that he buys according to what he likes, without thinking about it much, but also that he has many projects in mind, since he is increasing his approaches with more and more projects and supporting new generations in music.

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Natanael Cano says that Dua Lipa will be his wife and explains why he was at Drake’s house

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