Natalia Rodríguez on her new single: “Taylor Swift writes about everyone and I said ‘well, me too'”

It’s been 20 years since Natalie Rodriguez She began her career after becoming the most popular youngest in the Academy at the time in Spain. She participated in the first edition of Triumph operation which was a television revolution and an unprecedented social phenomenon.

In these two decades has proven to be a visionary, hard-working and talented woman which, now, has decided to deploy in Fame, his latest single. We wanted to talk to her about what this song is and what her dedication has been like over the years. As always, she has spoken freely to give her personal view of many issues.

You went to Mallorca to compose this new song, did it come easy or was it hard?

We wanted a song that had an urban sound, more style Carol Gwho hadn’t done something like that before. A quieter, more sensual song, that she could sing in another way, more whispered, than she had never done either. The melody came out very well, but I took care of the lyrics entirely, alone. It flowed great, really fast. It has some personal experiences, that’s why it came up so quickly, when you tell a truth about yourself you can generalize it to many topics and it comes out faster. I’m a little mad at the lyrics, but Taylor Swift he writes about everyone, and I said, well, me too. I wanted to sing something that you feel identified with.

If Taylor Swift writes her exes, why don’t you? With real stories people feel more identified.

There is a phrase in the lyrics that says ‘I know what you are looking for, followers on your profile, I know what you want, you will take advantage of me’. As you see certain people come who are out of interest, who seek fame, have followers and talk a little about that.

Do you catch them fast?

No the truth is no. Bad, but you learn. I am very deluded, I am very heartfelt, very true and I let myself go. For the subject of love and starting with someone, I’m more delusional, like I believe everything. since in the professional mode I am tougher, I don’t believe anything, I think that everyone is lying and, then, in the sentimental mode I think that everything is true and I take the shit.

Without abandoning your characteristic pop, you get closer to those urban sounds of the moment you were commenting on, right?

It has my R&B stamp that I always carry in all the songs. The public demands that a lot from me and I don’t want to lose it. It has my essence.

Fame, a subject that always concerns artists. What is fame to you?

when i came out of Triumph operation We experienced incredible fame, we couldn’t go out on the street, we couldn’t lead a normal life, we couldn’t go to the movies, shop, go to a nightclub… I was 18 years old. I saw how my colleagues did lock themselves up more at home and it was all work, work. I decided to take it in a more fun way, as a game, as a sign that people stop you on the street and ask for a photo is a sign of affection. I took it as a game when I was little. I talked to everyone, stood with everyone and took fame in a natural and fun way. I’ve never taken it well, it’s always been a lot of fun.

In such a long career there are often fluctuations in fame. What is more difficult to deal with the brutal and sudden success of your beginnings or to deal with the lack of so much recognition in other stages?

The hardest part is assimilating the downturns. When one day you’re playing on a radio and you release a new single and you don’t play it anymore, that’s harder to assimilate. When they give you good news, you have fame, people love you and everyone supports you, that’s super nice and I’ve always valued it. When they give you a blow at a professional level or you get disappointed, it is very difficult to assimilate it. In the past, a bad comment made me spend a week sad and even crying at home. Today, with social networks, where everyone thinks and talks, I don’t let it affect me. I think that everyone is free to give their opinion and if they give their opinion with respect, that’s fine, but when they give their opinion trying to harm me, I turn a deaf ear, I act as if I hadn’t read it and it doesn’t affect me. I’m glad of that because it was a very hard job that cost me to do and thank God today the comments that are going to hurt me don’t affect me.

Speaking of comments, in some they still say that you are one of the most undervalued artists in our country, how do you feel?

When you see that, on the one hand, it fills me with pride and on the other hand, it makes me a little sad. Today, the music industry, I like that it is betting on singers who do what I have been doing for 20 years. They sing, dance at the same time and put on a show on stage. I’m glad because very well-prepared generations are coming who are giving everything. What I’m going to do is continue doing what I do, which is what I know how to do best, since I’ve been doing the same thing for 20 years, which is going out to sing with my choreographies, with my dancers, and I don’t expect them to value me as a great international artist, but keep listening to my music and buying my singles, keep betting on me and that’s it. It used to make me angry, but now that I’m almost 40 years old, honestly, you see life differently, you prioritize other things like happiness, like work is good to continue living, because I’ve been living exclusively for 20 years of music and television. When you get older you gain more temperance, you no longer get angry with the world of music. You see that new artists are coming who sing and dance at the same time and what you want is to support them.

Like Chanel, right?

I look at it and say, ‘My God.’ I love to support her to the fullest. A prepared artist, sings, dances, do you know how complicated it is to do that? keep the type? I do hour and a half concerts singing and dancing at the same time with four dancers, without losing my breath, and for that you have to train a lot. I’ve always had the feeling that the guitarist singer-songwriter has been valued more, or the one who sits with the piano and makes ballads. From my point of view, the artist who sings and dances at the same time has not been valued so much, which for me is much more complicated.

Do you continue to self-produce your work, by choice or lack of options?

In 2010 it was the first time in Spain that I released my self-produced work, without a record company behind it, only with distribution. When you’ve been in the business for so many years and you’ve had many experiences, good and bad, I was marked by the experience of releasing an album, spending the whole summer recording and when the time came for promotion, they put it in a drawer. And there I already said, ‘oh my, what’s the point of having an incredible contract with a record company, if I have a record tucked away in a drawer and on top of that I can’t do anything on my own. Then I saw the formula of being an independent artist, creating my product, being distributed by large companies, mine today is Universal, but the whole issue of promotion, concerts and all that goes hand in hand with people outside a company label. Economically, I’m doing very well in that sense.

Come on, you’re happy like this.

You produce, you make the investments, you choose your team that bets on you because you are investing in them. When you’re with a company and you release a record, you can be objective with that song from the label or not, and it happened to me not to be objective. To be working an entire summer without seeing your family, without being able to have any kind of leisure and you can’t do anything. I decided to do that, I was the first to do digital single by single. I received a lot of criticism back in the day and I like to see digital singles released today. It’s what comes first, but I did it in 2009 and the road was difficult. But I don’t want any type of recognition, I like to see artists do it today and I was a visionary. My brother, actually, who is the one who convinced me.

This year marks your 20-year career, are you going to celebrate it in any special way?

I did 20 years of you’re going to drive me crazy in March. The other day I sold out in Madrid at an acoustic concert and gave my fans a surprise. I told the audience, ‘wait a minute’. I went to the dressing room, I put on the clothes of You are going to drive me crazy and I finished the concert doing the old choreo. They freaked out, it was a super nice moment.

How is summer planned?

I have more than 20 concerts. Thank you that everything has been reactivated. I have a very nice tour called the last applause, that we are raising funds for the Ukraine and for La Palma, that it seems that La Palma has half forgotten, that it is like a small festival with a fusion of rock and pop from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. And then, aside, I have many solo concerts, mine. So, luckily this year everything has been reactivated because I hadn’t sung for two years.

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Natalia Rodríguez on her new single: “Taylor Swift writes about everyone and I said ‘well, me too'”

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