Natalia Lacunza reveals her cache: the money she has earned for a single ad

  • The Navarran artist has revealed her highest cache

  • He has also recounted the messages he received from Rosalía and the request he made to her

  • Natalia Lacunza says she is envious of Arón Piper after having an affair with Dua Lipa: “I also want”

Natalia Lacunza is making her debut. The Navarrese singer published this Friday “It has to be for me”, her first album after participating in “Operación Triunfo”. The album is made up of twelve excellent songs that allow us to get to know the artist from Navarra more closely. One of the songs, “You didn’t love me so much”, is written after her ill-fated romantic relationship with Pol Granch.

This week, the artist has been in the podcast “What a picture” to talk about his album and many other secrets about his personal and professional life. For example, the exchange of messages that he had with Rosalía. “He asked me about an inhaler, a vaporizer to hydrate the strings for the tour. I thought ‘There will be no speech therapists in Miami’. In fact, then he spoke to me on WhatsApp, although I’m sure he’s changed his number now. I wish Rosalía would consult me ​​about everything, like ‘Natalia, what’s for breakfast today?’”, she said between laughs.

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He has also confessed that he is envious of Arón Piper after having danced (and who knows if something else) with Dua Lipa two weeks ago in a nightclub in Madrid. “I have nothing against Aron Piper. It’s just that I’m envious because I also want to mess with Dua Lipa “, has said. In addition, Lacunza has said that at the moment she has left her bisexuality “parked” because she does not want to be with men. “Heterosexuality leaves and dying men too. I don’t like men anymore. My will would be never to mess with any man again. I’m passing from my bisexuality right now”, she has freely admitted.

He has also said that the person he likes the worst in the industry is Kidd Keo, the first Spanish trap singer to sign with a multinational label and who recently appeared on the list of celebrities who had faked their coronavirus vaccination. In the economic plane, Natalia has revealed how much money she has earned for just one advertising campaign. “I think 35 thousand, of which I do not take one hundred percent”, she has said. A fairly considerable cache, although it should be noted that we are talking about its maximum and not the average price that its campaigns usually have.

Finally, Natalia has confessed as a fan of Twilight. “I read all the Twilight books and in the Breaking Dawn book when they get married and go to an amazing house, I realized I needed to go make love there. I want to go to that house”, she has concluded.

Is Natalia Lacunza in love?

Is Natalia Lacunza in love?

His time on television before OT

Natalia Lacunza knew from a very young age that she wanted to dedicate herself to music, and OT became the platform that allowed her to make herself known. Nevertheless, Before appearing at the castings of Operación Triunfo, he tried it in ‘La Voz’ in 2017although it did not attract the attention of the jury and did not pass the blind auditions.

There she introduced herself as Eilan Bay, then her stage name. The first part is her first name backwards (‘Nalie’) and the second the last name of one of her favorite singers, James Bay. Natalia Lacunza kept the Eilan Bay name until a few months after OT.

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Natalia Lacunza reveals her cache: the money she has earned for a single ad

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