Namur 2022. Eddy de Pretto, in green and against everything

Eddy de Pretto in Namur (photos Stéphane Risack)

Solidarities, Namur, August 27, 2022,

It was with a heavy heart that Eddy de Pretto came to tread the Namur scene: his performance indeed closed the tour centered on his second album, To all the bastardsreleased in March 2021. There was certainly a worse place to settle this score, as the Belgian public gave it such a warm welcome.

Could the artist have become an environmental activist? The fact remains that green has invaded the space: in front of a large green curtain at the back of the stage, instruments of the same color await the musicians, a green platform erected at their side. Not too much, however: the five musicians are dressed in blue and the artist performs in an outfit that conforms to his claimed normality: black shorts and sneakers, tennis socks, cap and white T-shirt. We have already known more glamorous…

We obviously do not take offense, the interest of an Eddy de Pretto concert does not reside in its staging or its wardrobe. We love the artist for the power of his words, his dark universe, his flaws that he reveals to us openly, the viscerality of his songs. With him, we worry about the future as soon as we enter the concert (Snow in August), we continue in the nostalgia of a yet banal adolescence (Creteil Sun) and Toxic Virility (Quarter of the Moons). The rest of the repertoire is in keeping: revolt in the face of injustice (Tell the world there’s no stopping us / Tell them the loser wins), a self-portrait that delights in darkness (What’s the point ?), claimed marginality (Perfectly)… Fortunately, even if they are hardly more cheerful, the most famous titles of his first album (Party too many, Random Where Kid) give the public the opportunity to sing along with the artist and bring a little balm to the heart. A sad song taken up by a thousand voices immediately becomes more joyful!

soonSince the tour that followed his triumphant first album, Eddy de Pretto has undeniably gained in ease on stage. His musical universe has happily expanded: no more concerts accompanied by his IPad and a single drummer, place for five real musicians who have come to feed his songs. His singing, halfway between traditional song and rap, is powerful and sober. We can also guess that he is more peaceful, more serene. We can of course only rejoice for him, while deploring the discrepancy which is therefore felt with his world of flayed-live, more necessarily in phase with the image that it releases now. Transition concert then, than the one we experienced? There’s probably a bit of that.

Whatever the future holds, there is no doubt that Eddy de Pretto remains an artist to follow, whose work will grow as he matures. The future belongs to him.


Doll (photo Annick Delperdange)

doll (photo Annick Delperdange)

In the afternoon, we were able to meet Doll, 24 years on the clock, songwriter passed by The Voice. Pop with reggae accents, cool and dancing, which she interprets in French, English or Spanish in a broken voice that is reminiscent of Angèle. With the added bonus of a cover of bongo bong by Manu Chao. It still lacks personality and especially significant songs, but the case is to follow.

Eddy de Pretto’s website is here ; what NosEnchanteurs has already said about it is there.

Poupie’s facebook is here.

Eddy de Pretto “Bateaux-mouches”: YouTube Preview Image

“Fire” Doll: YouTube Preview Image

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Namur 2022. Eddy de Pretto, in green and against everything

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