Music, theater and humor: the agenda of shows for this weekend

Don’t get lost in Bariloche

“Quiet 120”

Music theater and humor the agenda of shows for this

Humor in Sarmiento Library
The theater, humor and music duo formed by Rodo Fernández and Mamo Gutiérrez will perform again this Friday, at 9 pm, at the Sarmiento Library with a show that makes us laugh, reflect and other sensations in the body that we still do not know how to define . For more than 6 years, Tranqui 120 has been offering plays that look like musical concerts and musical concerts that look like plays. Perhaps the impossibility of putting into words “what Tranqui 120 does” is due to the fact that both actors mix acting, singing, dance and improvisation with the public in each presentation, generating a hybrid that is as enjoyable as it is unclassifiable.

Music theater and humor the agenda of shows for this


Histrion Scope

mask theater

This Friday at 10 p.m., “LATE” takes the stage, the production that emerged from the bowels of a Theatrical Masks workshop held in 2021. Actresses and actors worked on the creation of monologues from the truth that each Half Mask was telling them. The Mask comes to hide to reveal the true essence of the character! Who wears that mask will bring out the visceral truth that she wants to tell! Unique and wonderful characters, sharing hilarious and funny scenes with the public. Two actresses, one actor, three characters, three stories! “LATE” is an original and unique theatrical proposal!
Eli Nahuelcheo, Gabi Guerra and Leo Elosú act. Directed and staged by Santiago Salaburu.
Advance tickets $800, at the door $1000. Reservations: 2995115705.

“And who are you?”

This Saturday, at 9:30 p.m., “And you, who are you?” is presented, by the Neuquén company Crash Teatro. A work that investigates who we are, why do we say what we say? With an absurd humor and creating moments that are cut and assembled, one on top of the other, without a single linear story that runs through them. An exquisite text that keeps you trapped at all times.
Verónica Fallik, Ariel Azcurra, María Eugenia Allub and Juan Fontana act directed by Pablo Todero.
Tickets at 299 4530771.

coffee concert

This Saturday, at 11 pm, Crash Teatro presents “Criaturas”, a café concert where you won’t stop laughing: monologue nights at the Bar del Teatro. General admission: $600. Reservations at 0299-154530771.

Histrion Scope
Chubut 240, Neuquen

drift theater


The Aguilamora cast presents “Próximos”, this Saturday at 9:30 p.m. A proposal that develops the dark link that is maintained between adjacent neighbors. Verónica Cardoso and Juan Pablo Ríos act. General direction of Verónica Martínez Durán.

This Sunday, at 9:00 p.m., the Aguilamora escénica cast, under the direction of Verónica Martínez Durán, presents TERCA. They put the body on stage Verónica Cardoso and Soledad Vargas
A piece that brings together texts, choreography, projection, technology as well as orthopedic elements and others typical of painting.

drift theater
Sarmiento 841, Neuquen

1653054761 849 Music theater and humor the agenda of shows for this


diem tent
This Friday, at 8:30 p.m., Carpa Diem will take the stage, presented by “ Tengo una idea”.
Contribution bonus: $750 in advance and $900 at the door. Reservations and advances: 2944622961.


This Saturday, at 9:00 p.m., “Tatu” returns to the scene. Zooxi Elizalde and Camila Trinca Diez act. Direction and dramaturgy by Ale Carnevale. Reservations to be paid at the door ($900) and in advance ($800) at +5492995291623
To purchase tickets
Cash payment to any of the cast members
Payment by Market Payment:
0000003100092124646958 (Cbu).

We are art, we are culture
Centennial United Artists

This Sunday at 8:30 p.m., the artists Caro Luz, Javier Vilar, Manu Mu and Fiorella Contreras will perform.
$800 early contribution bonus, $1000 at the door. Reservations:

Leguizamon 1785, Neuquen

The Biombo Art Club

“Fog or the sky between the feet”

This Friday, at 9:00 p.m., he will perform in the clown show for young people and adults “Niebla o el cielo entre los pies”. Creation and interpretation of Gabriela Ottogalli/Katanga Teatro.
Katanga Teatro, a theater group that was born in Río Negro and lives in Chiapas, Mexico, led by Gabriela Ottogalli, returns to the region with its proposals every year. On this occasion with the project: “With everything and everything: Put on your nose” which consists of Clown workshops and presentation of the show: “Fog or the sky between the feet”. It is a show created and performed by Gabriela Ottogalli who has in Argentina the technical assistance in lighting, sound and scenic devices of Dio Fernández and Coca Natalia Roteño.
Reservations to landline 4425832.

1653054761 215 Music theater and humor the agenda of shows for this

“Carp Diem”

This Sunday, at 5 pm, the group “ Tengo una Idea” from El Bolsón will present its clown show for the whole family “Carpa Diem, enjoy friendship”. Two clowns get lost on the way to the mountain. The most important thing is not to arrive, it is not the way, the most important thing is to be “with your friend”. Maia Lopardo and Gabriela Greizerstein act. Direction: Adrien Vanneuville. $600 advance ticket, $700 at the door. Reservations to landline 4425832.

The Biombo Art Club
Rodhe 1454, Rock


Noe Pucci & The Never Eaters
now apart

This Friday, at 10 pm, Noe Pucci at Walsh (Rivadavia 325, Cinco Saltos) and on Saturday, in the same place, but at 12 pm, The Never Eaters and their Inabarcable Tour. The Neber Eatres are Diego “Countryman” Con (bass), Isaac “Yiddish” Nun (guitar) and Simon “Peter” Molina (drums).

Rafo Gri, Wilson Maza & Aby
In the Arrimadero

This Saturday, at 10 pm, the musicians Rafo Grin, Wilson Maza and Aby return to the stage of El Arrimadero (Misiones 234, Neuquén) to premiere a new show that will cover songs from the three albums released by Rafo Grin.
In addition, the artists will share two new songs created for this format and will perform some of the musicians they admire so much.
Guitarist Rafo Grin will be accompanied by Wilson Maza on keyboards and choirs and Aby, who joins in to embellish the vocal parts and percussion in this new musical stage of Rafo.
Tickets have a value of $1000.- Buying in advance at 2994160858 (Rafo) By bank transfer or market payment.
At the door they will have a value of $1200.

Festival of the Clans
recital cycle

This Saturday, at 9 pm, in the BICI space (Av. Menguelle 575, Cipolletti), first floor of the Bernardino Rivadavia Popular Library, the second recital organized by the Valle Musiques Association (AMVA) will take place.
“The festival of the clans” will be a cycle of recitals that has the aesthetic characteristic of musical variety with bands of different genres in each meeting. On this occasion, the bands Blackers (psychorock), The cry of the mute (alternative rock) and Where the archers do not arrive (hard rock) will be presented.
Tickets: 600 pesos at the door, 500 pesos in advance at the Clave de Sur store (Miguel Muñoz 72, Cipolletti).

Neuquen Symphony
Strauss & Beethoven Concerts

This Friday at 9:00 p.m., the Neuquén Symphony Orchestra will perform at Neuquén’s Cine Teatro Español. Under the direction of Mtro. Andrés Tolcachir will offer the following repertoire:
Beethoven: “Coriolanus” Overture Op. 62; Richard Strauss: Horn Concerto n°1 Op. 11 Soloist Gustavo Berri; Beethoven: Symphony No. 8 Op. 93.
General admission: $800. Available for sale at Cine Teatro Español (Av. Argentina 235) and at TodoMúsica (Av. Argentina 261).

India Pepper & Eternal Conjuration
tribute bands

This Saturday, at 10 pm, at Club de Arte “El Biombo” (Rodhe 1454, Roca) the bands India Pepper Ale and Conjuro Eterno will perform their show with their tributes to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rata Blanca, respectively. $800 advance ticket and $1000 at the door. They are acquired in Hey Jude (Italy 1541, Roca).

The Sharpener’s Song + Uppercut
This Saturday, at 9 pm, at Espacio Cultural Orillas de Neuquén, the shows El Canto del Afilador, by Verónica Padín and Maximiliano Poles and Uppercut, by Cecilia Pérez and Sebastián González, will be presented.
The poet Verónica Padín and the musician Maximiliano Poles with the experimental work El Canto del Afilador will offer us a live sound experience.
The listening piece was released in December of last year by the Spotify platform under the name of El Canto del Afilador. Sound monologue in six movements. On this occasion the artists will share with the public the work created throughout 2021.
Uppercut is a literary, musical and visual work, made over the course of 2021 and 2022, by Sebastián González and Cecilia Pérez. It is an invitation to another journey, a clipping that is also only one possible reading, expressed in a conversation between text, voice, sound and image. The new “text” recounts a gradual abandonment of inhabiting known spaces, human territories, and transports us, visually and auditorily, to the possibilities of inhabiting animals. Perhaps it is simply a story of survival.
Tickets at 500 pesos with prior reservation at 299 5242975.

Daniel Sartori
In rock

This Friday, Daniel Sartori, renowned soloist musician and composer, arrives from Buenos Aires. He has worked and composed for great artists such as Jorge Drexler, Abel Pintos, Axel and Soledad Pastorutti. His music has its own flight and fuses indie, pop, jazz and popular music genres.
At 9 pm at Dinamo Cultural (Route 22 and Route 6, Roca). Admission is free and free and you can reserve at 1126407396.

Gustavo Giannini Quintet
In rock

This Saturday will be presented at Dinamo Cultural, Gustavo Giannini Quintet, instrumental fusion where funk and disco music predominate. With a tour of 20 years, the band has had the pleasure of playing alongside Litto Nebbia, Willy Crook, Chango Spasiuk and Lisandro Aristimuño, among others.
At 9:00 p.m. at Dinamo Cultural (Route 22 and Route 6. Admission is free and free. You can reserve at 1126407396.

Patagonia Cultural Foundation

“A Novel Song”
In rock

1653054761 852 Music theater and humor the agenda of shows for this

FCP presents a new feature of the successful production “A novel song”, a show that brings together the most classic songs of Argentine soap operas from the 70’s to the present. The repertoire, which includes ballads, tango, rock and various musical genres, will be performed by Popular FCP and FCP Artists in music, song and dance. The proposal will go on stage at the Cultural Space of FCP (San Luis 2085) in Roca, this Friday at 9:00 p.m.
The program contains “Love me, I’m cold” (from the novel “Orange skin”), “My taxi” (“Rolando Rivas, taxi driver”), “The strange lady”, “Together forever” (“The Golden Rocket gang ”)), “Hug me” (“Nano”), “One hundred years” (“Argentina, land of love and revenge”), “Everything changes” (“Roller coaster”), “Pain change” (“Muñeca brava”), “I will resist”, “Gasoleros”, “And what” (“Father Courage”) and “A tear on the telephone” (“A voice on the telephone”), among others.
The musical arrangements are by Juan Andrés Rivero; the costumes by Claudio Clozza and the staging by Tato Cayón and Karina Acosta.

“FCP Choirs Meeting”
In rock

The three FCP Choirs: the Women’s Choir, the Children and Adolescents Choir and the FCP Choir, will share the stage of the “Ciudad de las Artes” Auditorium (Rivadavia 2263) in Roca, this Saturday, at 9:00 p.m., at the Encounter of FCP choirs.

Cucumber and Chocolate
In rock

FCP presents the play “Cucumber and Chocolate: Happy Birthday, Grandma”, this Saturday at 5 pm, in the Hall of the FCP Cultural Space (San Luis 2085) in Roca, as part of the “Saturdays with the Family” cycle. The cast is made up of Romina de Blas and Luciano Batalla under the direction and staging of Tato Cayón.

Black River Ballet
in allen

The Rio Negro FCP Ballet will perform in Allen, this Saturday at 9 pm at the Municipal Theater.
The Ballet Río Negro FCP will present classical, contemporary and tango pieces, in different styles: stylized, traditional, contemporary, in pointe shoes, shoes.

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Music, theater and humor: the agenda of shows for this weekend

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