Music: “I Handle the Sword of the New School Well”, Ghost MG

Alwihda Info. For starters, what does your blaze “Ghost MG” mean?

Ghost MG. The blase Ghost was born from a fusion between my experience and the “Power” series, two events that happened almost at the same time. Otherwise, at the base, I have friends who called me “Ghost”, parallel to one of my singles which alludes to the experience of which I spoke upstream. M and G are the diminutives of my civil name Martial Guirbaye.

Who is your idol rapper?

Booba without hesitation, the guy is an example of success in the rap industry, especially for us young people in French-speaking Africa.

Tell us your story with music

Basically, I’m just a fan of music because I listened to almost any kind of music. My older brother used to bring me CDs from Yeleen, Solaar, and some American stuff. My father even gave me one of Laurent’s albums “Ça Tourne” (at 15 I could sing you this artist’s album from A to Z, laugh!). In short, I’ve always had music under my skin. Over time, I had a little more passion for rap listening to Sinik, Booba, Smarty.

How do you find inspiration?

Very often, I pass images through my head, a sort of projection. I am much more inspired by real facts (of course I add my artistic touch). Sometimes the person listening to you wants to travel, to take an imaginary trip that can easily be a source of motivation.

At the beginning, I was more in the facts of society, today, I talk more about money and success because it has to stop being a taboo with us. Elsewhere, people are free when it comes to talking about “money” and this freedom makes people grow financially. Here, we are educated in such a way as to be satisfied with the little! However, it is possible to do better by working hard and above all intelligently.

How do you define yourself through music?

I do what I love, and through that I have a great influence on the juvenile class, which is why I very often pay attention to my image. Rapper yes, but behind it, you have to be a positive example in a country like Chad. A country where music has very little value in the eyes of people. It’s easy to call you a bandit when you’re a rapper here (yet there are a lot of real thugs who smell the good smell and drive in V8 in Chad, lol). Too bad we are still at this level in 2022!

Tell us about your activities

At the moment, I’m trying to really professionalize my art, to build a team with whom I intend to have serious long-term projects. In any case, we are here and we will see what will happen.

Old-school, New-School, what do you think?

We can’t find an excuse, eh, I’m everywhere and nowhere (laughs). I’m almost at the end of the old school, and I’d say I’m good with the new school sword, so I’m both.

What generation do you identify with?

The one who knew how to combine studies and music, the one who understood that you have to do better than yesterday, if not the one capable of having 1000 arrows to her bow. Generation Hustler brother!

What is your appreciation of music in Chad?

We are there, or almost. Even if we are in a country where we prefer to put the magnifying glass upside down to see things, it is difficult for music to find a place, which is also the case for art in general. But that has never been a hindrance for those who like to experience music, enthusiasts. I can say that Chad will pull through.

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Music: “I Handle the Sword of the New School Well”, Ghost MG

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