Music bands from Cosomuval offer concerts this weekend in the series Cultura als Barris and Cultura als Pobles de Valencia

Band music fills Valencia this weekend with a total of six concerts by groups belonging to the Coordinator of Musical Societies of the city of Valencia (Cosomuval) within the cycles of Cultura als Barris and Cultura als Pobles organized by the City Council From Valencia.

On Saturday the 15th, the two bands that will perform are the Patraix Musical Association and La Unión de Tres Forques in the neighborhoods of Patraix and Vara de Quart-Tres Forques, respectively, and they will do so at 5 and 5:30 in the afternoon. At the head of each of them will be Juan Antonio Pérez Pardo and Vicente Reche Ruiz.

For its part, on Sunday at 12 noon the Unió Musical L’Horta de Sant Marcel·lí will perform in the L’Hort de Senabre neighborhood directed by Juan Carlos López Luján. At the same time in the Campanar neighborhood there will be a concert by the Campanar Music Band under the baton of Carlos Vallés Donate. And finally, the San Isidro Musical Group will perform, also at 12 noon, in San Isidro directed by Rafael Lasso Gómez-Zurdo.

The band music concerts will be completed on Sunday the 16th with a performance by the Unión Musical Santa Cecilia de Castellar Oliveral in the Cultura als pobles cycle. It will be at 6:30 in the Plaza Mayor de Pinedo directed by Joan Carles Alonso Campos.

The seventh edition of Cultura al barris and the sixth edition of Cultura als Pobles will include a total of 26 music band concerts. A bet of the consistory for the entities of the city of Valencia that is valued very positively by Cosomuval. According to its president, Miguel Hernández, “both initiatives represent a recognition of the artistic and social work that we carry out day by day in our neighborhoods and contribute to making the hundreds of men and women of our music bands visible, as well as promoting and disseminating a rich repertoire, bringing it closer to a very varied public that has the opportunity to enjoy quality music in a different environment”.

The musical societies of the Coordinator that will soon take part in this new season of Cultura als barris are the Poblados Marítimos Musical Society and the Unión de Pescadores Musical Society on October 22; the CIM Castellar-Oliveral, the Barrio de Malilla Musical Society and the Ateneo Musical del Puerto on October 23; and the San José de Pignatelli Musical Group and the Benicalap Musical Group on October 29.

Already in the month of November, the bands of the Gayano Lluch Musical Association and CIM Tendetes will perform on the 5th; the Natzaret Music and Dance Center on the 6th; SIM El Palmar on the 12th; the AC Falla Jerónima Galés-Lithographer Pascual Abad on the 13th and the Carrera Font de Sant Lluís Musical Group on the 20th.

For their part, the bands from the Sociedad Musical Amics de la Música from Benifaraig and the SIOAM from Benimàmet will offer two concerts as part of the Cultura als pobles campaign on October 23 and 30, respectively.

The Cultura als barris program takes place in 24 neighborhoods and the cultural offer is varied: dramatized readings and microtheatre; contemporary dance and oriental dance; opera and band music; recited and sung poetry; children’s theater, puppets and storytelling; musicals; classic and contemporary circus; magic and finally, a wide spectrum of contemporary musical fusions.

As for the program of Culture als pobles, it will run until November 6 with more than 60 activities. In general, the representations are distributed in such a way that in each town 3 activities are carried out per week on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


The Coordinator of Federated Musical Societies of the city of Valencia (COSOMUVAL) was born in 1983 at the initiative of six musical entities of the city. It is currently made up of 27 societies that bring together a total of 2,200 active musicians. In its music schools, musical education is given to more than 4,300 students and around 300 professionals are employed. In addition, these companies bring together more than 12,500 partners.

But musical societies are not only made up of music bands, most of them have a Youth Band, Choral Ensemble, Chamber Groups, Jazz Ensembles, etc., and some of them even have a Symphony Orchestra.

During the years 2008 and 2009, and coinciding with the 25th birthday of its foundation, the Coordinator promoted several events such as the Band Fair in the Jardines de Viveros, or the 25th Anniversary Commemorative Concert, which took place in the Palau de la Music of Valencia, by the Symphonic Band of the Coordinator, made up of musicians from all the musical societies of the city and directed by Onofre Díez Monzó.

Likewise, thanks to the Palau de la Música and in collaboration with the regional delegation of the FSMCV, it has launched the Ciutat de Valencia Symphony Band, a group made up of musicians from musical societies in the city, which has offered concerts in the Palau Gardens and, on October 18, at the Teatro Principal.

Since December 2011 its president is Miguel Hernández Ferrer.

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Music bands from Cosomuval offer concerts this weekend in the series Cultura als Barris and Cultura als Pobles de Valencia

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