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It was going to be the night of Nicky minajwinner of MTV Video Vanguardbut of course, these are the VMAs: of course it was the night of taylor Swift. The singer was in the shot about 60% of the time she was facing the audience, she won 3 awards -including video of the year for ‘All Too Well’, and took the opportunity to announce his new album. ‘midnight‘, which is what it will be called, will be made up of 13 new songs and will be published on October 21. doNicki Minaj? No one heard of her.

And that had the longest performance of the night. Possibly also the most messythings as they are. Nicky he surrounded himself with a handful of dancers and was accompanied by more than half a dozen hits of his career, including the last one, #1 ‘Super Freaky Girl’, but his performance was quite uncontrolled. A poledancing very clumsy, a wig that I did not help the performance at all and kept going to his face and an attitude that was far from the minaj that shaped those bops that were playing in the background. minaj a few extra rehearsals were missing. As in his own speech, read from the mobile screen. Of course, at least he thanked a good handful of people for his award, including -plot twist- Mariah Carey for giving it a chance back in the day. That was unexpected: the artists have had a bad relationship since shortly after the departure of ‘Up Out My Face’the single that brought them together.

The rest of the gala was made up of quite diverse performances: you could see the Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as the Lizzo marking a Beyonce with the screens, Anitta making a somewhat disappointing prerecord with ‘To wrap‘. A Måneskin They tarnished them with a rather crappy on-screen censorship, because their bass player’s nipples were seen after their nipple covers fell off. That damien outside with a loincloth did not matter, that yes. That did come out on screen with no problem.

blackpink he wasted his comeback with a set design that asked for more, Jack harlow recovered to Fergie after sampling ‘Glamorous‘in his smash’First Class‘, Y Bad Bunny Y J Balvin brought their shows closer to the stage, the first since their own tour in New York, the second bringing the scenery to the stage of the gala.

Some VMAs tied at three but in which taylor Swift came out, as we said, triumphant. Harry styles Y Lil Nas X They also took home three awards, the first coming home with Album of the Year, at least. The rest of the winners? Distributed, 90%, among the people who were present. It was not a year of thank you videos on a pant.

Full list of winners

  • Video of the year · ‘All Too Well’, Taylor Swift
  • Album of the year · ‘Harry’s House’Harry Styles
  • Song of the year ‘Happier Than Ever’Billie Eilish
  • Artist of the Year · bad bunny
  • Best group · bts
  • Best New Artist · Dove Cameron
  • Best Collaboration ‘Industry Baby’, Lil Nas X feat. Jack Harlow
  • best pop · ‘As It Was’, Harry Styles
  • best hip-hop · ‘Do We Have A Problem?’, Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Baby
  • Best R&B · ‘Out Of Time’, The Weeknd
  • Best K-Pop ·lalisa‘, Lisa
  • Best Latin ·To wrap‘, Anitta
  • best rock · ‘BlackSummer’Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • better alternative · ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’, Måneskin
  • Best video with message ‘About Damn Time’Lizzo
  • Summer song · ‘First Class’Jack Harlow
  • Best Full Length Video ‘All Too Well’Taylor Swift
  • Best address · ‘All Too Well’Taylor Swift
  • Best Art Direction · ‘Industry Baby’, Lil Nas X feat. Jack Harlow
  • Best choreography · Woman‘, Doja Cat
  • Best Photography · ‘As It Was’Harry Styles
  • Best montage ·Saoko‘, Rosalia
  • Best Visual Effects · ‘Industry Baby‘, Lil Nas X feat. Jack Harlow

The performances of the night

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MTV VMAs 2022 Lil Nas X and Harry Styles tie for Taylor Swift Music Awards – Odi O’Malley

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