Motomami: everything you need to know about Rosalía’s new album Motomami: everything you need to know about Rosalía’s new album

The Spanish singer Rosalía premiered this March 18 her new album “Motomami”, a production that contains 16 songs that can be heard in 42 minutes. This is the singer’s third album and “La Fame”, released on November 11 and sung in Spanish by The Weeknd, is the first single from this compilation.

Gender. Although the genre that predominates is reggaeton, the producer, composer and arranger also mixes ballads, bachata, electronica, bolero, hip hop, jazz and R&B. She also integrates flamenco, applause and bulerías, her personal hallmark that shows her roots in her native Spain.

The singer describes her album in endless emotions that she divides into two parts. In “Moto” she talks about her strengths and in “Mami” about her weaknesses. In the album, the interpreter touches on themes such as female empowerment, fame, heartbreak, family, sex, among others.

Controversy. Through social networks, some users criticize Rosalía for the lack of depth in the lyrics of some of her songs and also because what she sings is sometimes unintelligible.

The songs:

1- Sako: It is inspired by female empowerment and transformation. Although it begins with the characteristic clapping of flamenco, the dominant genre is reggaeton.

two- Candy: It’s about heartbreak, it tells about someone who abandons her, but she can’t forget even if she doesn’t want to like before. with smooth arrangements The Rosalia sings a ballad that in its more than three minutes mixes with a beat.

3- Fame: is a collaboration with The Weeknd, in it they reflect on fame and its consequences. Showing the power of Latin American rhythms, the Afro-American singer sings a bachata with the European and in perfect Spanish.

4- Bulerias: In a flamenco mixed with pop, in order to honor her roots, the Spanish tells about the sacrifices behind her career.

5- Chicken Teriyaki: in the style of Bad Bunny, Rosalía mixes the kawaii of Japanese culture with reggaeton.

6- hentai: If we talk about the production, this is one of the most complex songs on the album. The song begins with soft piano melodies while the Spanish woman speaks openly about sex.

7- Cupcake: includes reference to an African voice choir. She talks about a woman who is empowered and sure of her career. “I didn’t base my career on having hits. I have hits because I laid the groundwork,” she intones.

8– G3 N15: Written in code, this title means “genís”, a Catalan word that means “protector of the family” and comes from the Greek -genesis-, which translates as “origin, birth”. It is dedicated to his family. At the end of the song, her grandmother, also called Rosalía, says in Catalan that family is important and always comes first. “Family is so important, darling. Family is always important”express.

9- Motomami: It’s a short, repetitive song with a fun beat. Pharrell Williams was part of its production.

10- Devil: In a pop, the producer also plays with her voice through autotune.

eleven- delirium of greatness: is one of the surprises on this album. The well-known bolero by Cuban singer Justo Betancourt is updated with electronic rhythms without losing its romantic essence.

12- CUUUUUUUUUUTE: It is an explosion of electronic rhythms that descend in the middle in a soft piano to restart and raise the adrenaline of those who listen to it. The artist ends by singing “Keep it cute, manito, keep it cute. That here the best artist is God”.

13- Like a G: the piano and subtlety return in this ballad of spite. “If you can’t have it, better let it go. What a pity when you want something but God has other plans for you. I don’t fall in love with anyone, I swear, like a G “, sings.

14- abcdefg: is the alphabet of “Motomami”, where in one minute the singer recites in an acrostic what for her means the backbone and inspiration of her album. “Or orchid. P for patron Q of what queen. R for racineta, rank, racineta, rank. S for sata. T for titanic U for ultrasonics”, Add.

fifteen- The Versace combi: It is a collaboration with the Dominican Tokischa where rap and reggaeton converge.

16- Sakura: on piano, voice and flamenco features, Rosalía sings a song that begins and ends with the applause and shouts of her fans at her concerts. “There is only risk if there is something to lose. Llamas are beautiful because they have no order. And fire is beautiful because it breaks everything”. With this melancholy the Spanish artist ends the album.

With information from: Trade and of Rosalia Youtube channel.

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Motomami: everything you need to know about Rosalía’s new album Motomami: everything you need to know about Rosalía’s new album

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