Montereau: In 2023, the Cosgeek convention wants to strike even harder

The 2022 edition attracted more than 2,300 visitors
The 2022 edition had attracted more than 2,300 visitors ©The sensors of the imagination/Flavien Onfroy

Launched in 2016 by the association of the same name, cosgeek is a convention dedicated to the world of manga and video games, and more broadly to pop culture.

After a three-year break to reinvent itself, the event had a very striking return in March 2022with over 2,300 visitors over two days at the Rustic room. In 2023, for its fifth edition, Cosgeek intends to hit even harder.

“During the first three editions, we were around 800 visitors. Last year, we had practically tripled the number of tickets sold with more than 2,300 admissions, while we were hoping for between 1,500 and 2,000″, says John Monierpresident of the organizing association.

A success due to a successful communication campaign, but above all to the arrival of leading players in the world of dubbing, headlined by Seine-et-Marnais Kelyan WhiteFrench voice of the character ofHarry Potter in the eponymous saga.

We work on nostalgia, allowing people to meet a voice that marked their childhood or adolescence. Kelyan was the perfect example. We saw people cry in front of him, because it was the first time that they could put a face to that voice and thank him for what he did for them,” says Giovanni Monier.

However, everything was not won in advance: “Everyone was delighted with this success because we were entering a little blind. Indeed, when we decided to relaunch the event, everything was still unclear in terms of health restrictions. Finally, two or three weeks before the convention, the government decided not to ask for the sanitary pass to enter the demonstrations, which helped us a lot, ”acknowledges the president of Cosgeek.

Harley Quinn, Avatar, Hunger Games and Loki

For its 2023 edition, which will take place on April 22 and 23 to the rustic roomthe association does not want to rest on its achievements, and intends to set the bar a little higher still, with the hope of approaching the 3,000 visitors. To do this, it is no longer five, but seven prestigious guests who will be present throughout the convention.

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First named: Dorothee Pousséo. While you may not know his name, you’ve probably heard his voice before.

And for good reason, if she played Vanessa in The Magialongside the Unknownthe 43-year-old actress is best known for performing the French voice of American stars such as Margot Robbie (Naomi Belfort in The wolf of Wall StreetJane in TarzanHarley Quinn in Suicide Squad) or the sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Second name on the list: Alexis Tomassian. He is notably the regular French voice of Justin Timberlake, Rami Malek and Zach Braff as well as one of the voices of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Tobey Maguire, Eminem and Shia LaBeouf.

Also very active in animation, he is known to be, among other things, the voice of Martin Mystery in the series of the same name, Light Yagami in the anime Death Note and Philip J. Fry in the series Futuramaas well as Prince Zuko in Avatar the Last Airbender.

Third distinguished guest: Kelly Marot. French voice of American stars like Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) or Dakota Fanning (Twilight), she is also the interpreter of Nobara in Jujutsu KaisenMirajane in Fairy TailThea Queen in ArrowIsabella in Phineas and Ferbor even Kiara in the lion king 2.

The fourth “guest” is not the least, in the person ofAlexis-Victor. A true pillar of dubbing in France, he lends his voice to two characters from the Marvel cinematic universe, the god Loki and Rocket Raccoonbut also the iconic Ragnar Lothbrok in vikingsplayers bradley cooperJames McAvoy, Johny Williams and many more.

Jean-Marc Anthony Kabeya, singer of the first 10 Pokémon credits
Jean-Marc Anthony Kabeya, singer of the first 10 Pokémon credits ©DR

Dragon Ball, Jim Carrey and Pokemon

The fifth name on this list will no doubt bring you a little more nostalgia, since Brigitte Lecordier lends his voice to many characters from the franchise dragonballlike Son Goku as a child, Son Gohan as a child, Son Goten, Trunks, C-18 or Zen’ô, but also Oui-Oui in the cartoon of the same name, or even Nicolas in Good night kids.

A casting closed by Emmanuel Curtilofficial French voice of the great jim carreybut also Johnny Knoxville (Jackass), Mike Myers (Wayne’s World), or even Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat 2), he also lent his voice to Chandler in the series FriendsSimba in the Lion Kingbut also Dimitri in Anastasia.

But we did tell you about seven names. Quite simply because the last guest is not really a guest, since he will be the sponsor of this fifth edition. His name is probably even better known than the first six.

Because, Jean-Marc Anthony Kabeya is quite simply the official voice of a whole generation, since he is the official interpreter of the first 10 credits of Pokemonbut also the credits of Yu Gi Oh! GXor even Ninja Turtles 2003.

“All these people are leaders in the profession in France. With the guests we had in 2022, we consider these to be the biggest names a show can have,” concludes Giovanni Monier.

Prices: 1 day = €8 for adults (from 12 years old) and €7 for children – 2 days = €14 for adults and €12 for children (free for children under 5) Reservations possible from this week on Pass Culture (government application) or

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Montereau: In 2023, the Cosgeek convention wants to strike even harder

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