Mon Laferte inaugurates mural, exhibition and will perform two concerts in Chile –

The Chilean summer sun welcomes Mon Laferte to his homeland and by the hand of his different artistic disciplines: the inauguration of a mural in the National Stadium made together with the great muralist Mono González, commemorating the fifty years of the 1973 coup d’état; the opening to the public of his multidisciplinary exhibition “I Love You: Mon Laferte Visual” at the GAM Center and a show on the most important stage in his hometown, all within the framework of the Teatro a Mil International Festival. But that is not all. Also her debut in the next edition of the Festival del Huaso de Olmué, together with the Orquesta de Mujeres del Viento Florido.

The new year started with a sensitive setting in context. On January 3, as part of the activities of the Teatro a Mil International Festival, mon laferte and Mono González, the muralist and member of the historic Ramona Parra Brigade, inaugurated a joint mural in the National Stadium, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1973 civic-military coup. The work, in which the strokes on guitars, faces and copihues, was the result of collective work with former detainees, relatives and those who are part of the National Stadium National Memory Corporation former Political Prisoners.

Something interesting in the path of the artist and that remains a constant, is that beyond her exploration in different disciplines such as music, visual art or writing, something that crosses them all is contact with others, with the others. She and her work are also built from the collective. This is what can also be seen in the exhibition that she inaugurated on January 5 at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center. “I love you: Mon Laferte Visual”begins with a biographical axis, through photographs, documents, objects, costumes and videos, but there is no exercise of the self, but rather a presentation of a possible origin, to later move on to paintings, sound installations and sculptures on canvas that expand your imagination.

mon laferte She is an exponent of what is understood by contemporary art, an artist who works with multiple disciplines to express herself, considering the social context and who, through her work, raises her voice. In it there is an indissoluble relationship between art and life. Nothing in what she does is foreign to the field of art, she establishes multiple crosses between performance, visuality, music and the different poetics and politics”, said the curator of the exhibition, Beatriz Bustos.

They are part of this sample, six portraits of women deprived of liberty, accompanied by texts where we can learn a little more about their stories. Because they have also been part of the life of Mon, establishing creative, collaborative and emotional bonds. It is from these experiences that the song “Se va la vida” is also born, included in the album Seis, where the artist also collaborates with the Regional Women’s Band Mujeres del Viento Florido. The same one that will accompany her on January 19 on the stage of the Festival del Huaso de Olmué.

Founded in November 2009, by the Regional Women’s Band Mujeres del Viento Florido, more than a hundred musicians from various ethnic groups from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico have performed. It is currently made up of women of different ages, girls, adolescents, mothers and workers, who speak Ayuujk, Zapotec and Mixtec. Once the Band and Mon They made contact a few years ago, the adventure to record together “Se va la vida” began. “It is very strong lyrics, but I think these types of songs are necessary,” says the orchestra teacher, Leticia Gallardo. But she didn’t end there. We were also able to see them together in a session at the Roberto Cantoral Auditorium, available on YouTube and during February, they will also be presented at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Another moment of great emotion will be the presentation of the show “Alone with my monsters” (already sold out) in the hometown of mon laferte. Today, January 12, the artist will go on stage at Quinta Vergara in Viña del Mar, to present this special format held at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles last August and which was one of the highlights of 2022. It is about of a concert in acoustic format, in which the Chilean is accompanied by string arrangements by her musical director, Manu Jalil, and her guitarist Sebastián Aracena. And of course, from her monsters.

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Mon Laferte inaugurates mural, exhibition and will perform two concerts in Chile –

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