Metz. Do you know which is the first French metal band to have signed a worldwide distribution of its albums?

Jean-Michel Mauffray, Pierre Béchet, Dominique Henry and Gilles Thouvenin certainly did not imagine being so successful when they gave birth to the Fisc group, in the spring of 1981. The four friends – all sons of civil servants, hence the group’s name – who shared the same passion for heavy metal, worked intensively and performed concerts, notably on the Trinitaires stage. Their name is already known after six months and, in 1982, the group provides the first part of Motorhead at the Parc des Expos in Nancy. In 1983, Gilles leaves the group, replaced by Alain Aimé, and André Balzer joins the formation as a singer.

All under the age of 30, the three Messins, the Nancy and the Luxembourger then recorded their first album in Luxembourg in 1984. “French record companies did not seem very competent in terms of national groups, explained Jean-Michel Mauffray in our columns in 1989. And then, one of the flaws, we persisted in wanting to sing in English! Mausoleum made them an interesting offer and Fisc recorded for the label. The group did it again in 1984, still in the Grand Duchy, but this time the disc was distributed in France by the New Record label.

An album recorded in California

In 1986, Jean-Patrick Fillet, label manager of New Record, arrived at Musidisc. Fisc leaves Mausoleum to follow him and changes voice with the arrival of the English speaker Jimmy Martin. A new album is recorded, Too hot for love. The group accomplishes a considerable work on the melodies, the arrangements and the choirs. Television shows and tours follow one another and, in 1988, Fisc leaves for two months in California to produce his fourth album, Handle with care. “We recorded the guitars in Los Angeles, the bass, drums and backing vocals in San Diego. As for the mixing, it took place in a Hollywood studio,” specified Pierre Béchet and Jean-Michel Mauffray at the time.

First group in the whole history of French hard-rock to have signed a contract providing for the worldwide distribution of its albums, Fisc also undertook a tour of the main cities of France during the year 1989. A tour simmered by Gérard Drouot , the agent who, at the time, had already orchestrated the concerts of U2 and Bruce Springsteen in France. Unfortunately, Fisc broke up for good some time after, following the departure of singer Jimmy Martin.

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Metz. Do you know which is the first French metal band to have signed a worldwide distribution of its albums?

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