Metallica: the return to the charts of the classic “Master of Puppets” thanks to the series “Stranger Things”

Almost forty years after its release, the classic “Master of Puppets” by metal giants Metallica has seen its listening explode on the platforms since the beginning of July. The reason, its place in the soundtrack of the last episode of the event series “Stranger Things”.

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A ferocious riff, an exhilarating interlude, a dizzying solo. Eight minutes and 35 seconds that have become metal classics. More than 35 years after its release, Master of Puppets of Metallica always moves the listener as much. And, since the beginning of July, the song has also returned to stir up streaming platforms. From 184th place on the 1st of the month, it climbed to 12th place in the most listened to songs in the world on Spotify in just five days. Same breakthrough on Apple Music and Deezer, with the 35th and 37th ranking places.

The fuel for this lightning ascent? Like Kate Bush and her Running Up That Hill just weeks earlier, the heavy metal quartet jumped on the show’s bandwagon Stranger Things. And like Kate Bush, who has not left the podium of listening platforms since, the accelerator effect of season 4 of Netflix creation was not long in being felt.

The scene is epic. Or “Metal !” as his characters would say. At the heart of a last episode with the looks (and duration) of a Hollywood blockbuster, Master of Puppets invites itself into the strings of Eddie Munson’s Warlock guitar (played by Joseph Quinn). Amp plugged in, grabbed pick. As possessed by Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, the metal-looking high schooler strings together heroic power chords to lure demon bats away from his comrades. Result: 325% increase in listening to the 1986 song on Spotify the day after the release of the last episode of the season.

A few weeks earlier, the thousands of Hellfest festival-goers thanked Metallica for closing with the unmissable Master of Puppets. Today, it’s the group’s turn to thank the creators of Stranger Things for transcending their song. “We couldn’t wait to see the end result and it blew us all away… they wrote on their Instagram account on July 6. It’s so well done that some fans could guess the title just by seeing Joseph Quinn’s hands in the trailer for a few seconds!! It’s so cool !”

Arrived at the end credits, a name will delight fans of the James Hetfield band: Tye Trujillo. The 17-year-old son of Metallica bassist, Robert Trujillo, gave a few picks himself in the version of the song arranged for the series. One more accomplishment for the one who had already officiated as a substitute bassist for the South American tour of the group Korn at only 12 years old.

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Metallica: the return to the charts of the classic “Master of Puppets” thanks to the series “Stranger Things”

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