‘Mercury – Act 1’: Imagine Dragons, more sincere than ever on their new album

At the end of 2019, completely unexpected news shook the music world. Imagine Dragons announced its temporary separation so that each of its members could return to take care of their own, and many feared the worst. Because we already know what it means, in general, for a music group to take time off indefinitely.

But the Vegas quartet he promised he’d be back “very soon”, in the words of their leader Dan Reynolds, and they did not break their word. We only had to wait a little over a year for Imagine Dragons to return to the music scene in style, despite the outbreak of a terrible pandemic. On March 12 they surprised everyone with two pitches in one stroke, Follow You Y cutthroat. A more melodic song and a much more powerful one, for all tastes. With the first of them, moreover, they got their first number 1 in LOS40 in their entire historywhich started in 2008.

And with wrecked, launched at the beginning of July, came the news that we all wanted to hear. The guys from Imagine Dragons already had so many songs ready to form an album with them. Mercury – Act 1 has been the name chosen to title itso they already make it clear to us that there will be at least one more part in the same line as this first one.

Emotions as changeable as mercury

Where does the name of this album come from? The answer to this question lies in the theme on which all this work deals. Mercury – Act 1 try to extreme emotional swings, from the deepest love for a person to the memory of someone after their death, going through the moments in which someone feels that their heart has been broken. Feelings that change radically, as the form of a matter such as mercury changes depending on whether it is in a solid or liquid state.

We found this honesty in the lyrics of the singles on the album for the first time in wrecked, the theme that was accompanied by its official announcement. The song, dedicated to Dan Reynolds’ sister-in-law after she died of cancer, featured the lead singer of Imagine Dragons in a more sincere way than everand received unanimous applause from music critics.

Mercury – Act 1 opens with a song titled My Lifein which Dan reflects on everything he doesn’t like about his current life and a constant desire to start from scratch, with which we have all been able to feel identified on some occasion. With it they already make it clear that they are going to open up the channel with the rest of the compositions that are part of the album.

Especially surprising have been the distorted synthesizers of the theme mondayor the legendary sound of giants which at first reminds of the themes of his previous work Originsalthough the fury of the voice of Dan Reynolds it ends up taking over those who listen to the album for the first time. The rockiest touch with electric guitars included ends up appearing on the ninth track of the album, entitled Dull Knives.

There is no doubt that this is the most personal work in Imagine Dragons’ entire career, something that also coincides with the milestone achieved by demons, their first big hit within this deeper, more melodic sound. 8 years after its publication, it has achieved a diamond record in the United States and thus joins two other songs by the band that have already achieved it (Radioactive Y believer). It is the first time that a group has achieved this certification for three different songs in its entire history..

Nothing is yet known about the hypothetical second part of this album ‘made of mercury’, but we are still counting down the days until it arrives after hearing Mercury – Act 1. A brand new Imagine Dragons signature musical artwork!

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‘Mercury – Act 1’: Imagine Dragons, more sincere than ever on their new album

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