Mélanie Gonzales wants to reconnect with her mother – Large families XXL (TF1) of June 20, 2022

The complete summary in advance of Large Families life in XXL from TF1 from Monday June 20, 2022 + playlist music for season 5 episode 63: Mélanie Gonzales wants her little Marceau to know his grandma while Romain Pavoni struggles to manage the children without Agnes . Florie Galli launches into the lists to Santa Claus.

Let’s go for the full summary in advance of the Monday, June 20, 2022 episode of Large families life in XXL airing at 5:40 p.m.

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Marceau Gonzales will soon meet his grandma zézette

Share your opinions on episode 5×63 of XXL large families season 5 broadcast on TF1. What is the music of the episode? the Large Families playlist is available below.

Pavoni family: alone in the world

Romain manages the boys’ breakfast: he must ensure the timing of the children to bring them to school. They all have different hours.
Romain admits it’s very hard to take on the role of mom: he realizes that he doesn’t have a lot of time for himself.
Romain is at a loss to dress the children, he mixes things up.


Romain Pavoni overwhelmed with the boys

When he comes home, Romain has to clean the house and the dishes. Lisandro is ill, he calls Agnès because he doesn’t know where the baby nasal aspirator is.

Large Galli family: their choice

galli family

Florie Galli in the face of her dissipated children for the list to Santa Claus

Bastien is at work, Florie offers Maxime and the triplets to make the list for Santa Claus. She distributes the catalogs to the children. The activity very quickly becomes a fight for glue. In the list, there are no girls’ toys…they only want boys’ toys. No unicorn or princess disguise on the program.

galli family

Florie Galli offers a new activity for children

Romero Family: Casual Birthday

Isaac’s birthday is done with family and friends in the evening: Souad does not know how many people will be arriving. She explains that at home, it’s the village hall.
Isaac is happy with this little celebration: a karaoke is improvised during the evening. The good atmosphere and friendliness is at the rendezvous.
Mario admits that partying is part of gypsy culture. The evening ends in a gypsy atmosphere.

romero family

Isaac has a second lovely family celebration for his birthday

Gonzales family: a wound

Mélanie spends a quiet moment with Marceau. She hasn’t seen her mother for a year and a half…because there is a conflict between them. Marceau does not know his grandmother.
Mélanie wants to take a step towards her mom today. It clicks, she wants to bury the hatchet.

gonzales family

Mélanie Gonzales wants to turn the page on tensions with her mother

The music playlist of the episode of Families Large XXL of Monday June 20, 2022 on TF1

– Soa “Alone”
– Amel Bent & Imen Es “Until the end”
– Joyce Jonathan “Cliche”
– Juliette Armanet “You play me”
– Clara Luciani “Breathe again”
– Jonas Blue & Why Don’t we “Don’t wake me up”

Kylie Minogue & Years and Years “A second to midnight” (end credits)

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Mélanie Gonzales wants to reconnect with her mother – Large families XXL (TF1) of June 20, 2022

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