McDonald’s is exploding on Instagram with its Big Mac, hamburger and fries makeup palette!

Incredible but true ! On her Instagram account, McDonald’s shared a post that suggests that she has started… in makeup.

McDonald’s is constantly innovating. The international firm is about to enter the market very closed makeup by marketing a very special palette.

McDonald’s, derivative products in shambles

Since McDonald’s launched the Happy Meal menu, the brand makes it a point of honor to perpetuate this tradition. This is the reason why children can enjoy a toy as soon as it goes to a restaurant of the firm.

But who said that the toys were only for children? Adults, too, ask for gifts. This is the reason why, for several years, McDo offers toys for young and old.

For several years, the brand has been selling a pair of socks as the Christmas holidays approach. For an extra euro in a Maxi Best Of menu, consumers can thus leave with socks in the colors of the brand.

But that’s not all ! McDonald’s also offers collectible glasses. The latter have been in collaboration with Coca-Cola for a very long time. Green, yellow, red, blue… The brand offers fans of the brand to collect them and it’s a hit!

A few days ago, McDonald’s imagined a pair of shoes on social networks. By going to the official French Instagram account of the brand, Internet users came across a post which captured their full attention.

“As plush as the inside of a #BigMac. #McDo #Lifestyle »writes the brand to accompany the photo of the pair of shoes that wants to be a giant Big Mac from McDonald’s.

These latter are very thick and seem to be very comfortable. Internet users, amused by this photo, hope that the multinational will put on sale this pair of shoes which is unlike any other.

McDo arrives in the make-up department

Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Millie Bobby Brown. In addition to their certain notoriety, these four young women share one thing in common: make-up.

Yes, the interpreter of Work was therefore one of the first to design and develop a make-up brand, Fenty Beauty in September 2017. Subsequently, Millie Bobby Brown and Selena Gomez followed suit.

The Stranger Things actress released Florence by Mills, a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics line, in 2019. Justin Bieber’s ex, meanwhile, launched Rare Beauty in 2020. In 2021, Ariana Grande launched rem beauty and it’s a hit.

And in a few months, it’s not a star, but a new brand that could draw a make-up collection. This is McDonald’s.

On its Instagram account, the brand shared a photo that left its community unmoved. In the images, the fast-food giant uploaded a makeup palette. It is in the colors of fries and hamburgers that it markets.

“For the eyes, more salad color, cheese or steak? #McDo #MakeUp”, asked the world’s most profitable restaurant chain. Internet users reacted very quickly when they discovered this larger-than-life McDonald’s makeup palette.

“It looks like the different layers of a mega big mac,” wrote a surfer, who can’t believe it. Another noticed that the colors on the palette look suspiciously similar to those of Burger King uniforms. “It’s the colors of burger king’s polo shirts”, he said. The competition is tough !

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McDonald’s is exploding on Instagram with its Big Mac, hamburger and fries makeup palette!

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