Mask Singer: who is the big winner of this new season?

The third season of Mask Singer is officially over. So here is who won the TF1 2022 adventure.

It’s official ! The third season of Mask Singer is well and truly over. For the occasion, the editorial staff is preparing to reveal everything to you about the big winner of the famous TF1 show. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Mask Singer a season rich in twists and turns

After two seasons that failed to convince viewers, Mask Singer came back in force on TF1. This year, the production has indeed chosen to give everything to attract crowds.

Especially in terms of casting. Eh yes ! The fans of the show were indeed able to see the singer Gilbert Montagné, the Olympic champion Alain Bernard, but also the comedian Pierre Palmade.

If one was hidden behind a tree costume, the other, for its part, slipped in the guise of a hermit crab. As for the last, he had chosen to transform into a cosmonaut.

Last week, moreover, it was Kendji Girac who had been unmasked. Eh yes ! The interpreter of the title “Andalouse” was disguised as a wolf.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. So much so that the final episode of Mask Singer aired this Friday, May 13, 2022.

For the occasion, the two finalists were: The banana and the butterfly. One of them therefore had the chance to win the title of big winner and thus succeed Laurence Boccolini and Larusso.

It’s no longer a secret for anyone now, under the banana was hiding Valérie Bègue. And if the former Miss France did not win the season, she was still entitled to a joke from Kev Adams.

I don’t know you Valerie but I know some of your colleagues, launched the actor. A humor that did not please viewers much… MCE TV tells you more about the final Mask Singer.

Mask Singer: who is the big winner of this new season?

The butterfly the big winner of the season

You will therefore have understood that the banana does not have won the 3rd season of Mask Singer. It was therefore the butterfly that had the chance to become the big winner.

And if you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the episode yet, go your way at the risk of getting spoiled. This year, it is the star of Dance with the stars, Denitsa Ikonomova who won !

And this, by interpreting a hymn of grunge music. To know, Smells Like Teen Spirit of Nirvana. The ex of Rayane Bensetti therefore wins the trophy.

However, many internet users guessed who was hiding behind the butterfly. The candle evoked in particular his performance in DALS with Loic Nottet on the famous title of Sia Candlestick.

In addition, the photo of Will Smith was supposed to recall the clip of the young woman for the live action Aladdin in which the American actor, who recently stood out at the Oscars ceremony, played.

Needless to say, this season of Mask Singer was full of twists. To the delight of aficionados who seem, this time, to be charmed. There is no doubt that they will be numerous for the next adventure!

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Mask Singer: who is the big winner of this new season?

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