Mask Singer: Sylvie Tellier shocked her children with a big lie!

She managed to hide behind her chameleon for a few weeks: Sylvie Tellier had to lie about Mask Singer to her children!

Oh the big lie! Whileshe lasted three weeks before going out of the Mask Singer contest, Sylvie Tellier looks back on her adventure with Gala. The occasion of tell what she said to her children before the show… MCETV tells you more!

She hid it until the end!

Because from the second week, the rumors seem unanimous: Sylvie Tellier hides behind the chameleon. But to avoid making her children sad, and to make them search a little, Miss France’s boss didn’t tell them anything at all.

Small problem: you still had to go to the recordings of the shows… So you had to lie to go to the studios where Mask Singer is filming. The only solution for the president of the Miss France committee: to find a bogus excuse.

She thus tells Gala that she found the best excuse. Filming took place in July and we can only tell one person…” The choice therefore seemed logical: her husband. But there are still three children who cannot know anything…

Oscar, Margaux and Romeo were bound to ask questions. How can their mother disappear on vacation? We had to invent a huge canard… ” Then I have made everyone believe that I was at my mother’s house in Sables d’Olonne. »

Direction the Vendée, therefore, in the eyes of all… And off we go for the adventure of the chameleon on stage. A very funny moment that the boss of the Miss took pleasure in doing. She also enjoyed watching, and surprising her children!

Mask Singer: a nice surprise!

“It was very funny, because my eldest son watched the first prime and told me ‘Mom, this is your song’when the chameleon sang Blinding Lights by The Weeknd, says Sylvie Tellier again. But again, the secret remains well kept…

And on stage as in front of the TV, she manages to don’t return your costume right away. Because even in front of Mask Singer, with his mother’s favorite song, his eldest son does not dare to ask if it is indeed his mother in the guise of the chameleon.

“At no time did he say to me ‘Mom, it’s you'”, still having fun Sylvie Tellier. Small concern, in the third week, no one has any more doubts… And the investigators therefore end up eliminating the chameleon. When his face is revealed, great surprise.

Because on the sofa, some have just realized that they have been had! “When I left the game, the children jumped on me saying ‘Hey! It is you who teach us that we should never lie’. »

Not sure that Mask Singer put a relationship between a mother and her children in danger. Quite the contrary. But the boss of the misses a tried everything to hide his true identity. This will remain as a beautiful memory for all.

Since then, the game has progressed quite a bit, and other candidates had to leave… But Sylvie Tellier’s children will long remember this strange chameleon with a modified voice!

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Mask Singer: Sylvie Tellier shocked her children with a big lie!

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