Mask Singer: Karine Ferri’s gaffe regarding Denitsa Ikonomova and Kev Adams in front of everyone

Mask Singer has just ended, for a finale that left some viewers hungry despite very good audiences. And Karine Ferri made a huge blunder in the middle of the show which did not go unnoticed! The Objeko editorial team tells you everything in this article.

Mask Singer: the celebrities behind the masks

Mask Singer has come to an end, and so we know who was behind all the masks. The Objeko editorial team offers you a quick review. The TF1 program has given many clues to help the jury and viewers unmask the candidates. The doubt, however, persisted until the end for some celebrities. Navigator Maud Fontenoy was the first to be unmasked in her Coral Fish mask, as well as busy swimmer Alain Bernard as hermit crab.

As for the ladybug, it was Teri Hatcher, her companion from Desperate Housewives, who also played Lois Lane in Lois and Clark.

Then it was the cosmonaut who was unmasked. It was Pierre Palmade, recognized by the jury thanks to his particular voice. The Chameleon is none other than the former Miss France 2002 Sylvie Tellier. A nice surprise that hooked us until the end!

We could see that it was indeed Anne Roumanoff in the gorilla costume, and chef Yves Camdeborde in the pig costume. The imitator Marc Antoine Le Bret hit hard by embodying two characters: the Tigress, and the Crocodile. As for the second international star, it was the great Seal, hidden under his Cowboy disguise!

Under the mask of Cerf, we found with pleasure Laurent Ournac of Camping Paradis. For the final, Karine Ferri captivated us as Spider. The finalists were none other than the Banana and the Butterfly, and their identities have been revealed.

The Banana, the Butterfly, and Karine Ferri’s Gaffe

General surprise in Mask Singer! The banana turned out to be Valérie Bègue. The former Miss France 2008, who has lost none of her charm, has proven to be an excellent singer. The jury hesitated for a long time on his identity.

For the butterfly, it was a little simpler. Karine Ferri was right: “I didn’t recognize the voice. On the other hand, I observed his physique well. She’s not very tall… She’s muscular. I would say maybe more of a dancer”. Le Papillon then said: “We spent quite a few evenings together”. It was enough for Karine Ferri to name the dancer and choreographer Denitsa Ikonomova. Kev Adams was also convinced of having unmasked her. And they were both right! It is therefore the dancer and juror of Dancing with the Stars who wins this edition of Mask Singer, even if many viewers would have preferred that Valérie Bègue be the big winner.

In all this jubilation, Karine Ferri, however, released a big blunder. Speaking of Denitsa Ikonomova, the ex of Grégory Lemarchal said: “But… She is an ex of Kev?”. The interested party hastened to say: “Not at all. He’s not my ex and I’m totally available”. Whoops…

Mask Singer: the fourth season to be filmed imminently

Mask Singer has been very successful since its first season in France. Objeko specifies well in France, because it is the adaptation of an Asian program. More specifically, Mask Singer is the adaptation of the Korean program King of Mask Singer, which began broadcasting in 2015. Very quickly, an American adaptation landed across the Atlantic. It is more precisely this model which is adapted on the first channel in France.

The principle is very simple and catchy. Celebrities take to the stage fully dressed in extravagant fashion. It is impossible to see their faces. Their stage performances are judged by a jury of celebrities who must try to determine who is hiding behind these wacky outfits. This year, this jury is composed of Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun, and Jarry. All under the supervision of the indescribable Camille Combal. In terms of candidates, as you can see, TF1 has not skimped on the means to bring together leading celebrities!

With the success of this third season, rumor has it that filming for the fourth season is imminent. And the jury should change greatly as well. We just have to wait…

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Mask Singer: Karine Ferri’s gaffe regarding Denitsa Ikonomova and Kev Adams in front of everyone

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