Martínez Twins: From recording their video clip at Justin Bieber’s house to being the victims of a J Balvin joke

The Martinez Twins they were 17 years old when Jake Paul He took them to live in his influencer house in Los Angeles where his career as influencers took off with millions of followers. They became successful content creators and won an MTV Award in 2021 beating out Lele Pons either Charlie D’Amelio when they moved to Mexico.

Among the many facets they have tried is that of music. They recorded their first video clip at the house of Justin Bieber Y J Balvin He played a prank on them that they won’t be able to forget. We have talked about all this with them who have returned to Spain to achieve the same success at home as abroad.

The beginning with the music

“It all started because at the age of 17 they put us in a studio to record It’s everyday bro. We made the video clip at Justin Bieber’s house at the time. And being in the studio, hearing your voice, being heard by so many people… –The video has about 200 million views on youtube, amazing-. That was the moment when we said ‘I like it’. And see the people who sang our part, even if they didn’t know what we were saying because our part is in Spanish and the whole song is in English. It’s like a parody and the experience was very cool and people said ‘I like it a lot’ and they didn’t know what we were saying, for us it was like ‘wow, they like Spanish’. I really like writing and writing that was like ‘it’s been fast, it’s been simple and I might like it’. Music has always been with us. When we went to soccer, no one could talk to me because I went with my headphones listening to music. Or in the car we put on the radio and we knew all the songs. And he said ‘hopefully one day we’ll be out there on the radio and so many people listen to us’”.

Working with great composers

“With the help of our manager we said, ‘Come on, come on, let’s do a song.’ We did The diet Y Paradise before, but Diet was the one where we said, ‘wow, that’s really cool’ because a guy came, Cáceres, who helped us make the song. He wrote happy four and several other very popular songs. And what he gave off, how he thought, how he would get in the studio with the microphone and come out just for us was like ‘wow, I wish I could do that one day’. And it was that energy that he could transmit to us that we said, ‘we continue’”.

Testing in the urban scene

“I really like slow music, I like slower pop, but urban music, what has been reggaeton, is what we like, what we were listening to at that time and our fans loved it.”

From influencers to musicians

“The fact that not everyone can be a singer or because you are an influencer you cannot be a singer, for me it is a label that should not exist. Anyone can be a singer. I believe that if you put in the work and effort, he comes out. There are many influencers like Lele Ponswhich has songs with millions and millions of views. John of God Pantoja, also. And she practically sings better than some singers. So, if you put the effort and sacrifice and all the time in the world into music, you take off that influencer label, if you want to take it off, of course”.

Victims of J Balvin

“It was a lot of fun being with him, off-camera talking to him. It was incredible. He is quite a humble man with us at the time and recording with him and for him to play a joke on us, for him to return it to us, was something that literally made us very nervous. We said, ‘it’s not working out for us.’ Us when we make a video and it doesn’t work out for us, that frustration you have of, I have to find a way to turn it around and make it work and he had it super controlled and that it had to work out for him and not for us. It was that security came and tried to get us out of the room where he was was something surreal. I remember that, in the joke, we said to him, ‘who are you?’ If even a friend told you ‘you’re the slow guy. I remember that we were in the VIP of the awards and they appointed him to collect an award and just He walked past us and told me ‘now you know who I am’. And for me that was like ‘olé, tú’”.

contacts in music

“We have not done collaborations with anyone, but we have been able to get along with quite a few, for example, in the awards that we have been, Zone People they were very kind to us. We get along really good. With J Balvin, making the video and that collaboration was also incredible and I think it’s because we haven’t bothered looking for or trying to collaborate with music people. Although recording a song with a singer like that would be cool.”

dream collaborations

“I have always had the dream of meeting Enrique IglesiasI love it, he’s a man I’ve been listening to since I was little. I think I followed in his footsteps a bit. The fact that he went to Miami, that he went to the United States, that he came from here in Spain, I think it is something that I have tried to follow like him and the fact of being able to collaborate with a person like that would enchant me”.

“I like a lot Michael Jackson, but he is dead and even if he were not, it would be very difficult to collaborate with him. But I really like J Balvin and doing a song with J Balvin would be something incredible.”

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Martínez Twins: From recording their video clip at Justin Bieber’s house to being the victims of a J Balvin joke

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