Married at first sight: the candidates risk a lot if they spoil!

According to the words of Guillaume Genton, the candidates of Married at first sight would risk a lot in the event of a spoiler.

The TPMP columnist is knowledgeable about the show Married at first sight. He even came to reveal the amount applicants must pay if they spoil. The Rédac of MCE TV gives you a recap just below.

The show Married at first sight at his best

As you probably know, the show Married at first sight is aired since March 21, 2022. Viewers have already had the opportunity to see a few couples form.

However, their favorite duo remains Alicia and Bruno. It must be said that the two lovebirds have managed to develop a great bond, despite the difficulties (and the groom’s sister).

Speaking of Carine, Bruno’s sister, she never stops get lynched on social media. The fans of Married at first sight do not understand his desire to separate husband and wife.

Apart from Alicia and Bruno, other candidates attract attention. In the last episode, Frédérick and Emilie have been talked about because’they had a big clash on their honeymoon.

She kept repeating to me: “Are you really like that? But no, he’s not like that in real life. It is not possible. Don’t tell me he’s like that every day. “. At one point, she repeated it twenty times and then she said to me: “You don’t do this just for the buzz? “. It upset me. My face has changed. The smile is gone. »told the young man to Tele-Leisure.

So you will understand, There is action in Married at first sight. And it’s far from over. The MCE TV editorial tells you more, just below.

Married at first sight: the candidates risk a lot if they spoil!

The rules are strict

It’s hard to say if Alicia and Bruno are still together todayin the same way as Frédérick and Emilie, as well as the other candidates of Married at first sight.

In fact, they have orders not to spoil the program until the very last episode. In this precise case, they have to wait until June 7. But this is completely normal. It’s like that for all reality TV shows.

Guillaume Genton, TPMP columnist, explains: “The production is scanning all the social networks of the candidates to see if they do not post photos with their husband, their wife or someone else. The slightest story or photo it’s a 10,000 euro fine. “. Yes, it is very strict!

This is not the first time that a TPMP columnist has made such revelations. Not long ago, Cyril Hanouna revealed the exorbitant fees of Married at first sight 6.

We learned that women could choose a dress between 1500 and 2500 euros and men, a suit between 710 and 910 euros. You realize ? It’s totally crazy!

Similarly, Cyril Hanouna explained that the production offers candidates a selection of alliances and that the range varies from 350 to 1,225 euros. Well say so!

If you would like more details about the prices accepted for a wedding in Married at first sight 6, just click here.

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Married at first sight: the candidates risk a lot if they spoil!

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