Marne: Michel Thomassin brings old vinyl records to life in an exhibition

Michel Thomassin, artist-craftsman. Magnificent works showing incredible talent.
Michel Thomassin, artist-craftsman. ©LPB

Michel is not from the digital generation, not even that of the CD. Born in the 1950s, he experienced the full expansion of vinyl record. We then tear ourselves away johnny records, The Beatles, Rolling StonesElvis which sell for millions. At the start of the 1980s, the first CDs. These shiny little discs will sign thee knell for vinyl and delicious crunch under the diamond. The most nostalgic will keep the vinyl and remain faithful to it. But store bins are filling up with these black discs to make way for small plastic boxes. For Michael Thomassin however, this is not a tragedy. He sees in this an opportunity: to make art. “I didn’t invent anything”, explains the artist, “I discovered this way of doing Ardeche. I saw a guy there exhibiting his work. It was love at first sight. »

Michel Thomassin, artist-craftsman. Magnificent works showing incredible talent.
We find on his works, the idols of his youth. ©LPB

We find his idols there…

Michel Thomassin was taken by this virus which never left him again. For more than 6 years already, he devotes himself to this art which allows so many creations.

Of course, we will find in this work his idols. A big fan of rock and the music of his youth, Michel will create dozens of cut discs. He will go further and further, always more daring until he comes close to breaking it: “That’s part of it. It has happened that I arrive at the end of a creation and that at the last moment it breaks. So everything has to be redone. But that’s the game”, smiles the sympathetic creator.

Vinyl, a long page in the history of Michel

In 1974, Michel, like millions of others, bought a very first record. It will be a masterpiece pink floydAtom Earth Mother ». He remembers it like it was yesterday. This disc will have played for hours on the turntable that his parents gave him. Following this first disc, he bought others. He manages to become the holder of nearly 250 records that he listens to and listens to again.

Michel Thomassin, artist-craftsman. Magnificent works showing incredible talent.
Magnificent works showing incredible talent. ©LPB

To these discs were added 150 CDs and some 75 concerts on DVD. The music lover continues to feed on the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. “A lot of people have vinyl records at home that end up in the trash and just become bulky. I collect them and make portraits of them. For many, the vinyl has become a work of art in itself with its original cover that is carefully kept in a library. There are still many fans of music on discs which cannot be compared to CDs. They stay true to the vinyl sound even if it’s not as ‘pure’ as CD. We are talking about authenticity here. »

Giving vinyl a longer life

For Michel, it’s all about pleasing people: “I don’t take myself seriously. I like what I do and I like the smile and the pleasure it gives to others. So I continue. I was surprised it sold so well. I was doing it for fun and in the end, I was never able to store it since it sold out almost immediately. »

From hobby to art studio, Michel Thomassin had underestimated the success of his works. A few years ago, he became self-employed to become a creator-trader.

Videos: currently on Actu

Throughout this month of January, the artist-craftsman is exhibiting at the Imperial Cultural Center in Montmirail. Until January 28, he exhibits his works.

Imperial Cultural Center – 38, rue de Montléan – 51 210 Montmirail – 06 86 02 83 05.

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Marne: Michel Thomassin brings old vinyl records to life in an exhibition

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