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The Lycée La Fayette in Clermont opened a brand new training course this year to prepare students for a BTS lift. This is a first in the region which has attracted the attention of the professional community.

This is a novelty of the last school year. From now on, the Clermont high school La Fayette offers a BTS entitled Systems maintenance, lift and elevator maintenance option, a first for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, a virtual first for France, which only has a total of two establishments offering this BTS, the second being the Lycée Savary Ferry in Arras. This sector has just been inaugurated in the presence of representatives of the Rectorate and many professionals from the sector, including the CEO of Schindler. For Christine Pelissier, who took over as principal of Lycée La Fayette last September, opening this BTS corresponds to an evolution of complex systems. For fifteen years, the expectations were at an additional level of one year post BAC, today technology imposes higher level skills. “Computers and networks are part of the training, such as interconnection, automation, security, subjects that are increasingly important in the lift environment”.

Updated material

The opening of the BTS required a review of the teaching material. “We have up-to-date equipment and our students will be able to work on today’s technology, even if we continue training on less recent equipment to be able to carry out maintenance on older models. Thanks to the incredible partnership we have with companies in the sector, the students have the chance to work on current equipment, which is expensive, but which was given to us by the companies. It cost the Lycée nothing… We provide theoretical vocational training and the students, who are apprentices, do the other part of their training in a company” explains Christine Pelissier. The first contingent of the training has only 8 students. This low number of students is explained by the fact that the training does not yet appear on Parcoursup, but at the start of the next school year the number of registered students should seriously increase, especially since the school now has more proposals. of apprenticeship contracts than of pupils. The mix within the training remains low with only one woman out of 8 students, a trend that the principal will try to reverse knowing that the professions of the industry are more and more technological and no longer justify the hegemony today. male.

“We are going to make the sector more visible”

Philippe Boué, Chairman and CEO of Schindler France and Chairman of the Federation of Elevators (who studied at Lycée Amédé Gasquet) is delighted with the opening of this sector “Until now the turnover in our companies was quite small and we didn’t have big demands on staff, but times are changing and young people are moving more. The needs are greater and we had to convince families and young people of the value of this sector. The BTS will give a “more qualifying” training and it is good to be able to include this diploma on a CV. So the sector existed but we will be able to make it even more visible and more attractive”. For Philippe Boué, the best training conditions are grouped together at Lycées La Fayette, whose technical platform is now at the forefront. The evolution of education is part of the dynamics of the sector “There is not only the need to maintain and renovate the existing stock, but also with the densification of cities which allows to have the best economic balance and ecological, vertical mobility must be promoted. I would add that the aging of the population makes this sector even more necessary. At the federation, we work with the world of the silver economy to promote aging well at home, and our mission is to convince the public authorities to provide funding to renovate dilapidated elevators. In France, 25% of the stock is over 40 years old”.

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Lycée La Fayette now offers an elevator BTS | 7 Days in Clermont

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