Luisito Comunica goes to Justin Bieber’s concert and shows it in networks

  • With a video posted on TikTok, the influencer Luisito Comunica revealed how his experience was at the Justin Bieber concert.

  • The singer performed in Mexico City on May 25 and 26 as part of his Justice World Tour.

  • Luisito Comunica has a base of more than 14 million followers on TikTok.

TikTok was the social network where Luisito Comunica shared his experience attending Justin Bieber’s concert.

Social networks, we know very well, are a great source of income for content creators; for some, it is even their only income.

Within the wide range of influencers and/or content creators that exist on the web, Lusito Comunica is one of the most recognized in Mexico, having videos with millions of views on YouTube.

In addition, the influencer is also one of the most controversial today, a reason that has led him to receive all kinds of criticism and insults for some of his content.

Despite this, we are talking about one of the most followed internet personalities on social networks; On Instagram alone, the influencer has more than 30 million followers and on YouTube he has collected 37 million subscribers.

Now, the day before yesterday and yesterday (May 25 and 26), the Mexico City Forum was in charge of receiving one of the most popular singers in the world: Canadian Justin Bieber.

Luisito Comunica attends Justin Bieber’s concert

As is well known, the interpreter of “Baby” made an appearance in the country’s capital with his Justice World Tour, a fact that unleashed the euphoria of the fans from the moment the news was released and those who collapsed the sale of tickets, leaving many unable to purchase their ticket for one of the most anticipated returns to our country.

Today, in times of social networks, trends on Twitter continue to have the name of Justin Bieber, because yesterday the second and last date of the tour of Mexico City took place and, as expected, the conversations in the digital pulse have not stopped for a moment since the Canadian arrived in the city of Monterrey, where he offered the first concert of this mini-tour.

One of the thousands of attendees at Justin Bieber’s concerts was, precisely, the one considered by some to be the most important influencer in Mexico: Luisito Comunica.

Through a short video on the trendy social network, TikTok, the content creator, shared with his millions of followers on the Chinese platform part of what he experienced in the VIP Zone of Foro Sol during Justin Bieber’s concert.


Last night at the Justin Bieber concert? #believing

? original sound – Luisillo El Pillo

So far, the video has already recorded more than one and a half million views, while Luisito Comunica has a network of 14.6 million followers and an accumulated 110.2 million likes among all its contents.

Let us remember that these are times in which social networks have become a kind of companion for users; more than a tool -which it is-, it is also a record of activities that are stored on a platform with the premise that it is forever.

Today, people have a great window to publicize their experiences in all kinds of events and, of course, Justin Bieber’s concert could not be left behind.

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Luisito Comunica goes to Justin Bieber’s concert and shows it in networks

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