Louane takes over Gayle’s “abcdefu” and is a real hit on Instagram!

The young singer, Louane takes over the famous song “Abcdefu” by Gayle on the piano and makes the buzz. We tell you more.

Have you ever imagined a piano version of Gayle’s “abcdefu”? That’s good, Louane did it! MCE TV gives you more details.

Louane resumes “abcdefu”

It’s one of the most popular songs right now. In effectGayle’s song “abcdefu” is a hit on social networks.

Released in January 2022, the first single from the young American pop star is making a real buzz on TikTok. “This song comes from where I was trying so hard to be the kind and respectful ex-girlfriend, to the point that it affected me negatively” explains the young singer.

“It’s about wondering why I’m being so nice to this person who completely took advantage of me, and allowing myself to vent my anger about it. » she adds. This breakup song seems to have anyway all the ingredients to seduce the younger generation.

So much so that other stars have decided to take it up with their sauce. This is the case of Louane who proposed his version of the famous hit on his Instagram account.

It is therefore in Story that the young woman shared her performance of the song Abcdefu. The fans were therefore able to discover Louane at the piano who sings the famous Gayle song.

An acoustic version which seems to have cracked the fans of the young French singer. A thing is sure, Louane took lots of fun remixing this 2022 hit.

In addition to having fun covering known songs, the young woman is also working on his new album. We tell you more.

An album on the way

This beginning of the year will have been very busy for the young mother. After several months away from the media, the young artist, Louane is back in the studio to prepare his future project.

In October 2020, the young woman unveiled her album Joie de vivre. Since then, Louane fans have had the opportunity to discover a reissue of his opus in November 2021.

It will have been necessary to wait until January 2022 to have more visibility on its future projects. On January 11, Louane had first sown doubt in a post published on Instagram.

“If you are looking for me, I will be on this sofa writing songs for the next few months, kisses I love you” could we read. A few days later, Louane confirmed that she was working indeed on his new album.

On January 25, she indeed shared photos of her in the studio with the caption “4”. Moreover, his fans were quick to show their support!

So excited”, “Too good, I love all your songs, I follow you since your beginnings and I’m a fan of your evolution” or ” Hurry to discover » could we read on social networks. Always on Instagram, the young woman had confided that she was impatient to do discover its novelties to its fans.

“I’m just happy and can’t wait for you guys to hear this” she shared in Story after a long day at work. For the moment, it has not yet revealed a release date. Stay tuned, up close.

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Louane takes over Gayle’s “abcdefu” and is a real hit on Instagram!

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