Lorde gave away churros to her fans and they received her with a shower of Dr. Simi in CDMX

Lorde sent churros to fans who arrived early in the morning to line up for her CDMX concert. (Photo: Twitter @lalonganiza_mv / @auroribs)

lordethe world famous New Zealand singer, arrived in Mexico City presumably since Saturday, October 8, because through social networks some Internet users published photographs of the interpreter of “Royals” with his lucky fans at the airport and around town.

Since the composer will have 3 dates in Mexico, in Mexico City precisely, later in Guadalajara and finally in Monterey.

Through a story shared on your profile InstagramLorde demonstrated once again that her love for Mexico is very great, “Mexico this week. I’ve been waiting all year for this, can’t wait to kiss my babies”, was the description that the Grammy winner gave to her publication.

It was then that Lorde gave her fans a very special gift, on the morning of this October 11, with more than 10 hours left before her concert began, hundreds of her followers were already lined up since dawn, so the singer made them arrive hot churros from a well-known Mexican coffee shop.

Among the row of fans that surrounded the Pepsi Center some girls from Lorde’s production team sneaked in to hand out churros to all the attendees.

This was a gesture that Lorde’s followers will never forget, because being a fan is very expensive and those who are most passionate about their favorite bands and artists have to make big sacrifices to go to their concertscamping on the street to win a good place in line, traveling from other states or from other countries.

And in this case, spending the night or arriving from the early hours of the day to queue outside the building is very exhausting, however, the adrenaline and that great emotion for their idols keeps them on their feet and enduring the inclement weather.

Without a doubt, Lorde’s detail raised the spirits of all those present in line, they were moved and quickly uploaded their comments and photographs tasting the churros to their social networks, to show their deep gratitude towards lorde.

Lorde's team went out to hand out churros to Lorde's supporters who had been lined up outside the venue for hours. (Photo: @josechpg)
Lorde’s team went out to hand out churros to Lorde’s supporters who had been lined up outside the venue for hours. (Photo: @josechpg)

The tradition of throwing stuffed animals at concerts

Lorde’s concert was not going to be the exception and the artist received a shower of stuffed animals from the famous dr simi, personalized with a bright yellow outfit, symbolizing the “power of the sun’s rays”. Since the tour of the New Zealander is titled Solar Power Tour.

So the doll of the smiling doctor wore yellow glasses, long blonde hair, as well as a yellow satin dress in different shades, because it was easy about ten flying stuffed animals that landed at Lorde’s feet.

For her part, Lorde was very surprised with the stuffed animals around her, she let out several laughs and took a dr simi to admire it up close and placed it next to the others.

Lorde in concert at the Pepsi Center, CDMX. (Twitter: @dannytrom)

They told me this would happen. Wow! It’s great! Thank you very much

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connoris positioned as one of the international stars who have received the peculiar Dr. Simi as a souvenir from his Mexican fans.

Among those listed, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, The Strokes, Dua Lipa, Rosalía, Rammstein, Iron Maiden and Big Time Rush are some of the artists who have unexpectedly received more than one Dr. Simi plush during their concerts in the country.

Setlist of the first concert at the Pepsi Center, Mexico City:

– Leader Of a New Regime



-Stoned At The Nail Salon

– Fallen Fruit

– ThePath


– ribs

-Hard Feelings

– Big Star


– Secrets

– Mood Ring

– Sober

– Supercut

-Perfect Places

-Solar Power

-Green Light

-Ocean Feeling

– Royals


– A World Alone


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Lorde gave away churros to her fans and they received her with a shower of Dr. Simi in CDMX

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