LoL: The best high Elo champions on 12.19! A patch that redistributed the cards?

Who says article on the meta, says reminder of the methodology used in the introduction. For this article, the champions who have been selected fill in two criteria :

  • Have a win rate of 53% or higher, at Platinum ranks and above on the EU West server
  • Have been played at least 1000 times when the article was written (which prevents Aurelion Sol from appearing there despite being the champion with the best winrate [quasiment 55%] because its number of games is too low)

The data on which this article is based have been taken from the statistics site LoLalytics.

The champions who are still there

From unbeatablethose who definitely do not want to start from this kind of top even if no one or almost no one likes them anymore, we can cite Heimerdinger who is still an amazing lane bully even at the highest level, and Janna. However for the second, his winrate continues to drop and now she is only at 53%. Admittedly that’s a lot, but considering that it was close to 55% for several patches, we can expect it to eventually disappear. By the way Taric passed him in terms of winrate, as well as Zilean. Even though these two champions haven’t really received a buff, they counter other monsters in the meta relatively well, as well as aggressive ADCs, which allows them to gain in efficiency.

Finally, champions are also maintained on the other lanes, such as Shen at the top which remains very solid for several patches, without ever becoming the best toplaner. In the jungle, Warwick continues to be quite effectiveespecially because it is very hard to handle for some of the other top tier junglers.

Those who come back

the big comeback of this patch took place in the jungle with Volibear. Hello teddy, not sure we missed your ability to dive by disabling the tower. In any case, the patch allowed him to go back to a “small” 54% win ratemaking him the best jungler current. We won’t dwell too much on him, since he has been in this top more often than not throughout the season.

In toplane, it’s the return of Singed. He also benefits a lot from the power increase of certain tank champions, which allows him to be an excellent counter pick against them. Be careful though to avoid the blindunder penalty of ending up playing very very complicated match ups like Tahm Kench or Yasuo, against which the chemist painfully reaches 35% winrate. However, Singed is still the most popular champion at the top at high Elo today, because not content to counter most tanks, he does very well against some bruisers, including Aatrox. He also has to be wary of another top tier in this patch.

Here comes new challengers!

This image is a bait, Zeri has the worst winrate in the game. - League of Legends
This image is a bait, Zeri has the worst winrate in the game.

Everyone announced the triumphant return of Blitzcrank top, even the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Blitz junglebut it is fine support post that the Steam Golem currently shines. With a pretty 54.39% of winrate, it is the best champion in this patch (finally behind Aurelion Sol, but number of games, relevance of the stat, blablabla). In addition to the changes undergone on the last patches, it is fares relatively well against other top tiers, apart from Taric. Blitzcrank is formidable against enchanters, but if you want it to counter without playing Taric, Maokai, Zyra, and Neeko are options to consider.

Otherwise, the meta moves a bit in midlane with the arrivals of Fizz and Akshanwhose winrates have increased significantly. Fizz is mostly a counter pick to Syndra, which has seen a resurgence in popularity. It struggles a little more against other top tier, it will be necessary to see if it is able to maintain itself as high, or if it will fall once the Syndra hype has passed, because his match up against her now represents more than 50% games. As for Akshan, the pick just looks good. They does well against a good portion of assassinsand its ability to resurrecting recently dead allies is always very useful. It is not impossible that he settles for a little while at the top of the ranking, because he does not depend on a specific match up unlike Fizz.

In the jungle, Fiddle and Nunu come say hello. For them, it is above all their first extremely fast clears which allow them to put pressure on the lanes without having to sacrifice their lvling speed. Cherry on the cake, dive with them is not very complicatedwhich allows them to snowball, and even if the game is slower, they stay very strong in teamfight. And they don’t have no problems soloing neutral objectives. The butter, the butter money, and the creamer’s Tik Tok.

Finally the last champion to exceed the 53% win rate is a toplaner, and it’s about World. Once again, he’s a championbetter not blindpick. If there is a great response to tanks especially to two meta monsters (Singed and Shen)and does quite well against a few bruisers, he tends to being split open by assassins and some champions with a lot of damage in early. Special mention to his 17% winrate against Warwick top, even if the game sample is quite weak.

Otherwise, we have not forgotten the ADCsbut none of them do especially dominates the botlane. As on 12.17, Tristana and Kog are the ones who are doing the best. On the other hand, MF has come down well, even if its winrate remains above 50%.

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LoL: The best high Elo champions on 12.19! A patch that redistributed the cards?

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