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the dragon) is a neutral objective on League of Legendslocated in the bot river of the Summoner’s Rift. According to the very principle of a neutral objective, it gives bonuses to the team that kills it, in the case of the dragonit is permanent buffs and which apply to all members of the team, even after their death. the dragon has the particularity of being equipped with an element that impacts the statistics of its bonus.

We currently have five possible elements: Inferno Drake, Ocean Drake, Cloud Drake, Mountain Drake, and Hextech Drake. Each therefore has its own buff and also impacts the structure of the card in a different way. The element of the dragon varies at several times in the game, if these changes include a part of randomness, they also obey a certain number of rules which it is necessary to know.

The LoL Drakes

first dragon

It appears five minutes into the game and its element is perfectly random. It is possible to spot his element via a corresponding symbol that we find on the wall of his lair, but we can also see it at the top of the score screen (tab key by default).

drake pit_1

second dragon

This one comes five minutes after a team grabbed the first one. Its element cannot be the same as the previous oneso it is random among the remaining four options.

third dragon

This dragon is particularly important since it defines the continuation of the part on several aspects. From the third all drakes will be of the same element, the latter also changes the map to his image for the rest of the match. He, too, appears five minutes after the death of the second drake (the same goes for all those who follow) and cannot share the element of the first two. His is therefore random out of the three remaining options. Thus, it is from the third dragon that we know what the type of the “real” bot objective will be: dragon soul.

Infernal Rift

The soul of the dragons

When a team reaches the sum of four dragon kills, they receive more than the sum of the accumulated bonuses, they receive the soul corresponding to the card element. This is a bigger buff, beyond just stats, it’s a true, permanent, teamwide passive that persists after death. The majority of souls are a real asset to all team compositions, however they can be more situational. However, it is always advisable to seize the soul whenever possible, if only to prevent the enemy from taking advantage of it.

Elder Dragon

elder buff
If the game continues within 5 minutes of acquiring the soul, a final objective appears to the bot to seal the game almost definitively: the ancient dragon. It does not have its own element, but offers a very powerful buff that lasts 150 seconds, applies to the whole team, but disappears on players who die. The effect is to apply a burn that deals true damage every time you hurt an opponent. The bonus also has a passive that executes enemies that fall below 20% of their max HP. As long as the game is not over, the Elder Dragon spawns every five minutes after being killed.

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LoL: How does the rotation of dragons (drake) work? – GAMEWAVE

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