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The Weezy has more than one trick up its sleeve and keeps giving us a few surprises. Between albums, mixtapes and productions, Lil Wayne has enjoyed a five-star career. While everyone thought he was now at rest, the American rapper emerged and in the most beautiful way. This time, he takes out his pen and sends a poem to his fan base on his Twitter page.

Weezy sets himself up again as a poet

Lil Wayne has started this new year strong and far from releasing new singles, he is creating himself all over again. To prove his ability to do everything right, the American rapper shared a poem for his Twitter followers. The poetic publication of the artist with multiple tattoos essentially deals with light and clarity.

“You see, some lose sight of who brought clarity to their vision. Blinded to the fact. A permanent black eye. You can’t see it. I see you, but you’ll never see me… coming. You know what I mean ? Otherwise come see it. Hello. Now I see you. Now you don’t. Long live the light » tweeted the chairman of Young Money Entertainments. His sentences, as well formulated as they are profound, lead one to believe that the artist would lend himself to a game in which he points the finger at certain people.

What is certain, this is not the first time that Wayne has published poetry on Twitter to the delight of his fans. As a reminder, the 40-year-old rapper had already put on a cupid’s coat to unveil a poem directly inspired by the heart. In November 2020, following the separation with his girlfriend, Lil Wayne grabbed his pen and let a love poem flow out of it. “I live as I love and I love as I live. I’m a lover, not a light metal they burn. I am eternal fire and burning love, either go away with a tan, 3rd degree burn, or stay and die in love. You sweat. Sincerely, fireman.“Had he published at the time? In addition to posting poems on social media, Wayne recently released another great game.

Weezy brings “Sorry 4 Wait” back to life

Lil Wayne, who had abdicated his peers when he embarked on an insane mixtape in the 2000s, wants to go on forever. The New Orleans native had once jumped on other people’s songs that he produced with his own rhymes. At the end of this crazy period that shook the American rap industry, Weezy released “Sorry 4 The Wait” to the delight of his fans. This mixtape released in July 2011 was intended to apologize to fans who were impatient for the album “Tha Carter IV”.

This year, more than a decade later, the rapper from Louisiana wants to create surprise around the opus. Weezy is finally bringing the mixtape to all streaming services and platforms. On his Instagram account, he brought the good news on Saturday, January 8. He accompanied it with an animated video on the soundtrack of his freestyle titled “Rollin”. It’s clearly a masterstroke that could bring a new dimension to one of the best rappers of this century.

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Lil Wayne writes a poem for his fans on Twitter | Hip Hop Corner: French rap, US and culture news

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