Lil Wayne, Shaq (DJ Diesel), E-40 and more will be on stage for Day One 22 on December 30 | Hip Hop Corner: French rap, US and culture news

New Year’s Eve will be filled with the sounds of Lil Wayne and many other artists around Coachella in California. It will be this December 30 for Day One 22

If you’re not the type to celebrate New Year’s Eve alone, it’s still possible to enter the New Year with people around you and with the bonus of a show with artists to help you count down before to enter in 2022? So you have the choice between several shows. If you’re on the Las Vegas side, you’ll have to be on the side of Drai’s Nightclub where Jeezy, 2 Chainz, Tory Lanez and Rick Ross, in turn, will perform from December 30, 2021 to January 2, 2022.

If you are more on the side of California, you will have to make the appointment this Thursday, December 30 in Coachella, California, from 7 p.m. Day One 22 will take place there.

An edition with high standing guests

The Day One 22 event is a New Year’s Eve event hosted by Coachella Crossroads and Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians. It is now a big attraction and this year the event comes with a special twist. Lil Wayne will be the headliner just like Shaq in the skin of DJ Diesel without forgetting E40 and many other regulars of the scene who will thrill the public expected in large numbers.

The confusion that was quickly cleared up

Initially announced as Coachella Day One 22, the event almost did not take place due to a legal action initiated by Coachella Music Festival and concert promoter Goldenvoice against Live Nation, ticket seller for the new event. year.

The two accusers also filed a ticket restraining order to cancel the event due to an attempted mix-up which they say is intended to “ intentionally negotiate on goodwill of the legendary Coachella Music Festival using the Coachella theme on Day one 22 to sell tickets. For clarification, Day One 22 is organized by Coachella Crossroads, and while the names seem confusing, Coachella Crossroads is a separate company that is not affiliated with the annual music and arts festival. If they succeeded in obtaining the name change, they could not oppose the event since Live Nation has been authorized since December 28 to sell the tickets.

The feeling of a battle won

All his oppositions reinforced the pride and made it possible to understand that the general interest is what takes precedence. ” As a community and nation residing in Coachella, CA, we are also thrilled that our outdoor location, Coachella Crossroads, can continue to operate under its name. Tribe Chairman Darrell Mike said in a press release. ” Arming Goldenvoice and its parent company AEG to take control of a region’s name and the businesses that choose to identify with it is disrespectful to businesses large and small, their employees, and the Indigenous peoples who live in the region. valley. »

Live Nation always in the hits

Live Nation is carving out a reputation for organizing cultural events. But like a double-edged sword, that reputation is being marred by scandals in every direction. Before this one related to Day One 22, there is the case of the Astroworld Festival tragedy where Live Nation is being sued as is Travis Scott and his Cactus Jack Foundation.

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Lil Wayne, Shaq (DJ Diesel), E-40 and more will be on stage for Day One 22 on December 30 | Hip Hop Corner: French rap, US and culture news

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