Lil Nas X, review of his album Montero in Mondo Sonoro (2021)

The album everyone wanted to be on, the most anticipated and hyped pop release of this year. Lil Nas X He has become the great star of the current market, that is undeniable, and his enormous charisma has helped him raise an accumulated number of hits to the sky that few have in their possession right now. The authenticity of the artist’s universe has conquered the masses. That enormous capacity that he has to reflect freedom in his stories, to appropriate stereotypes to destroy them in pieces, to give off such overwhelming security that it ends up seducing you from the first minute. “Huntsman”, his debut album, is therefore an accumulation of pieces that are easy to consume and perfectly polished. A compilation of precious jewels fit for pop royalty ready to push Lil Nas X to become one of the greats.

Since Lil Nas X He took his first steps, showed that he was an ambitious star and that he did not understand creative limits. With “Old Town Road” made history reaching fifteen platinum records awarded by the RIAA blasting hip-hop based country music and heating up all of deep america. But, evidently, there was much more to do if she was to become the superstar she had always aspired to be. Montero has made himself, his family problems led him to escape and show everyone that the ideas he had in mind could materialize and, moreover, work. He was always obsessed with all that “one hit wonder” speech, of those who did not believe in him as an artist (“One Of Me”), to be able to give them a good slap and see themselves at the peak of success (“Dolla Sign Slime”). And, in turn, he felt that he had not yet shown the industry who he really was and that he was hiding behind cowboy hats. For this reason, for his debut LP he has given himself completely to the trends, to doing everything in a big way, to squeeze everything that a multinational company can offer you.

“Huntsman” It is an album built ad hoc for 2021 that dances between emo speech pop, which has become so fashionable again this year, and easy-bar hip-hop that everyone can buy. It’s as good and impeccable as a large-market album, that we must admit that on a musical level it tastes a bit prefabricated on some occasions. That yes, the lack of aggressiveness, and rebellion, is compensated with all the messages of visibility of the LGTBI + collective and the importance that a figure related to the conflictive world of rap bets on naturalizing everything in such an authentic and direct way. It is impressive what Lil Nas X has built by appropriating the gay erotic imaginary to generate a new discourse (“And I’m tryna fuck, lil’ nigga, fuck the chit-chat I ain’t talkin’ guns when I ask where your dick at… Grrr”). Especially, of course, with all those wonderful uncensored video clips that wipe out all toxic masculinity in one fell swoop. Or, on the other hand, how it has dismantled all those religious indoctrinations in which the LGTBI + collective has no place to explain to its public that they do not feel like inferior beings (“I’m not fazed, only here to sin If Eve ain’t in your garden, you know that you can”).

To create all this, Montero surrounds himself, in the production of his namesake, with two fundamental names in today’s industry. On the one hand, Omer Fedi appears behind the two great successes of The Kid LAROI, some pieces by Machine Gun Kelly or 24kGoldn. On the other hand, Take a Daytrip, a duo of eclectic producers who rely on the new trends in New York hip-hop and who have worked with Vince Staples, Juice WRLD and Kid Cudi, among others. “Huntsman” It is an album with enormous creative support and, although it has a great personal speech, Lil Nas X is never alone in a single song. Apart from those mentioned, after “Industry Baby”For example, we find Kanye West in writing and production. Ryan Tedder rounds out that pop anthem, which has become the most beloved song on the album, which is “Thats What I Want”. And, finally, we have to mention the participation of Carter Lang, producer behind the “ctrl” of SZA, in “Life After Salem”. To all this, add also the feat. luxury that has the album in which are Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Miley Cyrus and Elton John.

Obviously, so many accredited does not detract from all the messages that the disc contains. But, it is better understood that the discourses that are built in it are more universal and less personal than expected. The most emotional side comes with “Tales Of Dominica” where he talks about anxiety, depression and all those wounds that he still has to heal (“Oh, sometimes you’re angry, sometimes you’re hurting. sometimes you’re all alone. Sometimes I’m anxious, sometimes it makes me feel like there’s only now”). Theme that plays again “Sun Goes Down” in a much cruder way, recounting some harsh statements about suicide (“I wanna run away, don’t wanna lie, I don’t want a life. Send me a gun and I’ll see the sun. I’d rather run away”). Luckily, yes, there is always room to send messages of hope and not end up in pure catastrophe. And, in any case, they are songs, as we said, very general and in which it is really hard to scratch moments that belong purely to the life of Lil Nas X himself and help us to better understand his history.

Despite a huge promotional campaign, Lil has not achieved her long-awaited debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 with “Huntsman” because Drake has once again stayed on top for the third consecutive week with his division “Certified Lover Boy”. However, critics have welcomed her with open arms and with her debut album she has managed to build an identity as a star that will only grow in the coming years. Popularity is very dangerous, sometimes it tends to eat you up completely and puts you under terrible pressure to maintain your status as a public figure. However, we don’t see Montero reeling from fear of not meeting the expectations generated from a second comeback album. With this work he has already achieved something much more important than the success accumulated with his songs, fearlessly conveying what he wants to be as a star, as a music professional and, above all, as a person. His values ​​are above sales and that is much more transcendental than seeing himself at the top of any list.

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Lil Nas X, review of his album Montero in Mondo Sonoro (2021)

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