Lil Nas X finally ‘gives birth’: this is how ‘Montero’, his debut album, sounds

the rapper Lil Nas X He has become one of the most requested artists of recent times, and has also given much to talk about both inside and outside the music industry. Only in the last few weeks has he been in the news for his star appearances in different shows around the world (the MTV VMAs on the one hand and the MET Gala on the other), but also for showing us the evolution of her pregnancy on her networks. And finally we can say that Lil Nas X has given birth.

Her pregnancy has not really lasted around 9 months, as is usually normal, but we have only seen her ‘pregnant’ for a couple of weeks. On September 2, he shared the first image in which we saw the artist showing off his belly, and an ultrasound revealed what she was about to give birth to: her new album!

Huntsmanthe album that is called exactly the same as him (Montero Lamar Hill is his first name) and which gives its name to the highly successful song that we met several months ago, is here. It has been necessary to wait some time, as in all the albums that are seeing the light lately, since the pandemic had truncated the initial plans of the artists and now is the time to surprise the world with new music. Also in the case of Lil Nas X.

much more than rap

who thinks that Huntsman is a rap album, or at least 100% urban, you will be very wrong. Since the arrival and subsequent viralization of Montero (Call Me By Your Name) we knew that Lil Nas X was a very restless musician and that we were going to be able to listen to him in much more varied registers. Something that has now been demonstrated again with some of the tracks that appear on what is her debut album, as we verified with the release of a calmer and softer song like Sun Goes Down. Pop, rock or even some ballad is what we will find while listening to Huntsman.

The disc has arrived from the hand of a new single, titled That’s What I Want, and that corresponds to the song that sounded in the video with which Lil Nas communicated the official release date of the album, at the end of last August. With it, he once again offers us a much more pop register, in a composition that has the signature of Ryan Tedder (producer and leader of OneRepublic). In addition, she appears accompanied by her official video clip, in which the young Montero puts himself in the shoes of an American football player whom everyone loves.

The power of collaborations

But if there is something for which Montero will be talked about a lot, in addition to the always extravagant promotion that Lil Nas X has been giving the album, it is because of the level of the singers who have joined him to collaborate on several of his tracks. For a few weeks we knew that in them we would find the names of Doja Cat, Miley Cyrus, Megan Thee Stallion and even Elton John. All of them added to rapper Jack Harlow, whose joint song (Industry Baby) we already knew and it continues to be a great success only comparable to that of Montero (Call Me By Your Name).

The musical style of each of these compositions is adapted to the sound that characterizes each artist in particular. For example, it has nothing to do with the purest hip-hop of the songs with Doja Cat (scoop) and Megan Thee Stallion (Dolla Sign Slime), with Elton John’s piano on the song One Of Me. The English musician, in fact, only appears playing the instrument and leaves all the vocal prominence to Lil Nas X, although this is reason enough to see him credited as the official ‘featuring’ of the song.

Am I Dreaminga solidarity song

Although the most celebrated collaboration is the one he has made with Miley Cyrus, and not just because of their music or the fact that two of the biggest musicians on the global scene have finally come together. But because with it we can all do a great job: Lil Nas X has included, in the video that he has shared with the song through YouTube, the possibility of making a donation to the Happy Hippie Foundation.

The organization was created by Miley herself in 2014 and its main task is helping the American LGTBIQ+ community, as well as homeless youth in the North American country. Only in the first hours of life Huntsmanthe figure raised thanks to the beautiful ballad, which is called Am I Dreaming, is approaching $2,500. A great gesture from both!

Lil Nas X breaks into the music scene again with a job that will give us a lot of himself in the coming months, something that the rapper will surely take care of personally. And you, with what song of Huntsman do you stay in special?

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Lil Nas X finally ‘gives birth’: this is how ‘Montero’, his debut album, sounds

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