Lil Nas X confirms that he is single again after finding “the one”: “I decided I didn’t want to anymore”


Lil Nas X has confirmed his breaking off with the one who until now was his partner, the dancer Yai Arizato focus on his music and his work.

Lil Nas X is single again and so he has stated in an interview with Andy Cohen, on SiriusXM Radio Andy. The winner of a Grammy, who he assured in August that I had met “someone special”looks like it’s back on the market.

After being asked about his love life, the interpreter of MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) He assured that he had broken his previous relationship: “I was dating someone but decided I didn’t want to anymore “, he explained to the journalist. That someone, as has been rumored in recent months, is the Yai Ariza dancerwith whom the rapper has shared the stage on a couple of occasions.

At the moment, it seems that Lil Nas X don’t close no doors because there are “suitors lining up” for him: “There are definitely a couple of people. There are sure to be a couple of people.”

Of course, the singer pointed out that at this time he wants to focus on his music and his workafter several exhausting months working on the release of his album HUNTSMAN, which has been a real success. “I don’t think I want any boy right now, You know? Maybe I’m floating right now… I just want to work on music And once in a while, you know, maybe I’ll kiss a guy every blue moon, you know?” Lil Nas X reiterated.

Since coming out publicly in 2019, Lil Nas X He has barely had public couples and the rumors have been limited to revolving around him without him ever confirming anything with any of them. However, the rapper is still a authentic LGBT symbol for many of his followers, who have taken him as an example when it comes to talk about their sexuality openly.

Who is Yai Ariza, the ex-boyfriend of Lil Nas X?

If anyone is being talked about right now, it’s Yai Arizathe boy with whom she has been related to Lil Nas X in these lasts months. Of Colombian origin, this professional dancer shared a intense kiss with the rapper during her performance at the BET Awards.

In fact, Yai Ariza is also the co-star of one of the singer’s latest video clips, That’s What I Wantwhere both appear kissing passionately in a high school locker room.

Lil Nas X and Yai Ariza in the video for ‘That’s What I Want’. // Columbia

Until now, the singer had never spoken of him as his partner, but, after their breakup, Lil Nas X has revealed that they were a couple for a few months: “We were dating and we are still on very good terms. You know? We may go out again, I’m sure,” she reiterated, assuring that she loved him and that he was amazing.

Although the relationship seemed seriousAnd so the singer made it clear when he spoke for the first time about his partner in Variety magazine, everything seems to have gone wrong. The reason? The musical career of the American singer, which he has assured that he is now at a time when he wants to “focus” on his music.

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Lil Nas X confirms that he is single again after finding “the one”: “I decided I didn’t want to anymore”

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