“Like a King” launches its “Les Belles Histoires” operation and highlights five associations

From December 01, 2022 to January 05, 2023, Comme Un Roi will support a different association per week. How ? The brand will donate products from its high-end offer but not only! She will sponsor cats and dogs to be adopted in each of these associations by donating a complete outfit before they leave for their new family.

The course of the operation

One day, a beautiful story…

Each week, one of the 5 associations will tell its beautiful story of adopting a rescued animal. It will also highlight 2 other animals to adopt within their association.

The brand Comme Un Roi will be the godmother of the 2 animals. If the latter are adopted, an adoption box will be prepared for each of these hairballs: basket, croquettes, pâté, treats, for future adopters.

The beautiful story of Neige, told by Bérangère Lamboley, founder of the brand Comme Un Roi…

Neige was adopted by our digital project manager. Little cat found in the street, she had a first family who abandoned her because she was expecting babies. She ended up in foster care. Her life must not have been easy because she was very fearful. A first placement was a failure but fortunately, she found a nice “mom” who knew how to tame her with patience and affection, and today, she is an adorable “glue pot” cat.

The 5 associations selected

Since its creation, Comme Un Roi has been committed to highlighting the actors who work daily for animal welfare. The brand has thus selected 5 associations for their unfailing commitment. Each will be given donations of products and many other things! Discover the interviews of the APA & Stéphane Lamart associations by clicking on their photos.

  • The Pattoune’s Gang is an association specializing in the rescue and replacement of cats in the Paris region and in department 60.
  • Cats In The Air aims to help stray cats in Paris airports.
  • Rescue and Hospitality of Animals, No to Abandonment. Animal protection association located in Moissy Cramayel (77) in the Paris region.
  • Defence, fight and struggle to promote animal rights. Rescue abused and abandoned animals to give them a second chance.
  • The APA ensures the defense and protection of animals and their environment, raises public awareness and participates in the education of the youngest, ensures compliance with laws protecting animals and the environment.

To tell each of these beautiful stories, a video will be shared each week on the brand’s social networks: instagram, Facebook & Youtube.

The Comme Un Roi teams will travel to highlight these beautiful stories, which will be told by each association representative, but also to discover in front of the camera the two animals that will be adopted and sponsored by the brand.

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“Like a King” launches its “Les Belles Histoires” operation and highlights five associations

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