Legislative in France: elections of deputies from abroad, instructions

How many voters live outside France?

According to INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies), of the 48.7 million registered voters, 1.4 million live outside France.

Until 2012, French people living abroad were only represented in the Senate, the upper house of Parliament. The election of deputies of French people residing outside France was created in 2008 on the occasion of a reform of the constitution. Their first election took place four years later.

French people living abroad will again be represented by eleven deputies (out of the 577 in the National Assembly) representing the eleven constituencies.foreign“.

In terms of the number of registered members, the most important of these constituencies is the 1st. It has 231,328 registrants in just two countries, Canada and the United States. The one with the fewest voters (89,012) is the 2nd which is spread over 33 countries in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Two constituencies concern the African continent, the 9th and the 10th.
The 9th includes the Maghreb and a large part of West Africa, with the exception of Benin, Ghana, Togo and Nigeria. These last four states are on the tenth constituency with the rest of Africa and the Middle East.

The 3rd constituency represents Northern Europe. The 4th, small in size but important in terms of the number of voters covers the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg).
The 5th is that of the Iberian Peninsula, Andorra and Monaco.
Switzerland and Liechtenstein represent the 6th constituency.
Central Europe and the Balkans are on the 7th.
The 8th is that of the European countries of the Mediterranean to which are added Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Turkey.
The 11th, finally, is a juggernaut grouping together 49 countries ranging from Eastern Europe to Oceania via a large part of Asia.

When to vote?

Voters living abroad will vote earlier than those in metropolitan France and overseas.
► Given the time difference, the 1st constituency stands out. The first round of legislative elections will take place there on June 4, 2022 and the second on June 18. In the rest of the constituencies abroad, the first round is scheduled for June 5 and the second on June 18.
► By internet, everyone is housed in the same boat: first round on May 27 until June 1 at 10 a.m. GMT. The second round of electronic voting will take place from June 10 to 15 at 10 a.m. UT.
► For postal voting, the 1st constituency regains its small hourly specificity. Regarding the first round, the mail containing the ballot must reach the consular post on June 2 at 6 p.m. local time at the latest and, for the second round, on June 16 at 6 p.m. local time. One day later in both cases for the other constituencies.

To which address should you send your newsletter? Don’t panic, you will receive your electoral material at home with an envelope mentioning the address. On the other hand, you will have to free it! Also take into account the quality of the postal services of the country in which you live!

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposes here a more detailed article.

Where to vote?

Voting will take place in French consulates and embassies around the world. If you have any doubts about your polling station, here is a useful link for “inquire about your electoral situation“.

Who are the candidates?

New alliances, new names

NUPES for New Popular, Ecological and Social Union. It includes in particular La France insoumise, the Greens, the Communist Party, Generation.S and the Socialist Party.
Whole is an alliance around the Republic on the march of Emmanuel Macron (outgoing majority).
reconquest is the party formed around Éric Zemmour, far-right presidential candidate.

The parties must respect the period for submitting candidacies: it opened on May 16 and closed on Friday May 20 for an official campaign start on May 30.
Next to the name of the outgoing deputy, the political label under which he was elected five years ago.

1st constituency – Outgoing MP: Roland Lescure (La République en Marche)
♦ NUPES: Florence Roger (LFI)
♦ ENSEMBLE: Roland Lescure
♦ The Republicans, the UDI and the Centrists: Patrick Caraco

2nd constituency – Outgoing MP: Paula Forteza (Ex-En Marche, unlabeled)
♦ NUPES: Christian Rodriguez (LFI)
♦ TOGETHER: Éléonore Caroit
♦ The Republicans, the UDI and the Centrists: Bertrand Dupont

3rd constituency – Outgoing MP: Alexandre Holroyd (La République en Marche)
♦ NUPES: Charlotte Minvielle (EELV)
♦ ENSEMBLE: Alexandre Holroyd
♦ The Republicans, the UDI and the Centrists: Artus Galiay

4th constituency – Outgoing MP: Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade (La République en Marche)
♦ NUPES: Cecilia Gondard (PS)
♦ OVERALL: Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade
♦ The Republicans, the UDI and the Centrists: Geneviève Machicote

5th constituency – Outgoing MP: Stéphane Vojetta (La République en Marche)
♦ NUPES: Renaud Le Berre (EELV)
♦ TOGETHER: Manuel Valls
♦ ENSEMBLE DISSIDENT: Stéphane Vojetta
♦ The Republicans, the UDI and the Centrists: Laurent Goater

6th constituency – Outgoing MP: Joachim Son-Forget (Not registered)
♦ NUPES: Magali Mangin (LFI)
♦ TOGETHER: Marc Ferracci
♦ The Republicans, the UDI and the Centrists: Régine Mazloum-Martin

► 7th constituency – Outgoing MP: Frédéric Petit (MoDem)
♦ NUPES: Asma Rharmaoui-Claquin (LFI)
♦ TOGETHER: Frédéric Petit
♦ The Republicans, the UDI and the Centrists: Philippe Deswel

8th constituency – Outgoing MP: Meyer Habib (UDI)
♦ NUPES: Isabelle Rivolet (LFI)
♦ TOGETHER: Deborah Abisror-de Lieme
♦ The Republicans, the UDI and the Centrists: Meyer Habib

9th constituency – Outgoing deputy: M’jid El Guerrab (Acting together)
♦ NUPES: Karim Bencheikh (Generation.S)
♦ TOGETHER: Elisabeth Moreno
♦ Republicans, UDI and Centrists: Naima M´faddel

10th constituency – Outgoing MP: Amélia Lakrafi (La République en Marche)
♦ NUPES: Chantal Moussa (LFI)
♦ TOGETHER: Lakrafi Amelia
♦ RECONQUEST: Georges Azar
♦ The Republicans, the UDI and the Centrists: Aurélie Pirillo

11th constituency – Outgoing MP: Anne Genetet (La République en Marche)
♦ NUPES: Dominique Vidal
♦ TOGETHER: Anne Genetet
♦ RECONQUEST: Marc Guyon
♦ Republicans, UDI and Centrists: Catya Martin

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Legislative in France: elections of deputies from abroad, instructions

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