Laurien Decibel, coach in “The Dancer”: “At first, I was bad at dancing”

The coach of the RTBF dance competition traces for us her personal story, which has not always been simple.

You have an atypical background, insofar as you really started dancing when you were already 17…

That is true. I had done ballet when I was 4, but it didn’t last. Afterwards, I danced alone with friends. And at 17, I auditioned for Bruce Blanchard (DJ and choreographer). It was the first time that I really danced on choreographies. I danced more and more, while continuing studies in communication, and I realized that I had to continue in dance.

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So it’s never too late to get started!

Indeed… but you just have to work very, very, very hard. When I was little, I was not good at it. I didn’t remember the choreography. I was really useless. I had a very long body. I was fine. It took me a long time to level up. I had to work like crazy. But like everything in life, when you put your mind to it, you can get there.

What has dance given you on a personal level?

It became my whole life. I have a past that has not been easy. I lost my mom at 13. I was chaotic in my head, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I also had trouble expressing my emotions. Dance has really allowed me to open up to others and discover myself in a healthy way. I would not have found happiness without it.

On the bench of the coaches of “The Dancer”, you find Aurel Zola… who was your teacher!

Yes, I was his student for two years. And very quickly we worked together. We’ve known each other for a long time.

And you knew Agustin?

No way. But that went really well. From the first Zoom meeting, where he asked me, “How are you, beauty? », I understood that it was going to be very funny with him. He has the same energy as me!

You are Dutch-speaking. How did you learn French?

At school. And I had a boyfriend who came from Liège when I was 17, 18. Being in a relationship with a francophone taught me a lot.

At the same time, you also did the Flemish version of “The Dancer”. Are there any notable differences?

On the French-speaking side, there are a lot of urban dances, where it’s more jazz for the Dutch-speaking candidates. The level is in any case very high.

You work in Los Angeles. You danced with Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez, the Backstreet Boys… You created the choreography for the hit “Havana” for Camila Cabello. How does a little Belgian come to rub shoulders with the biggest stars?

I had to fight for it. I arrived with my suitcases in Los Angeles. There, I struggled for two years. I suffered a lot. But hard work always pays off when you have a specific goal and go for it 100%. I never let go. I am very stubborn. I persevered until my career was launched. I never gave up.

“The Dancer”, January 24, 8:25 p.m., front page.

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Laurien Decibel, coach in “The Dancer”: “At first, I was bad at dancing”

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