Laura Pérez’s voice and guitar are company for the soul

Laura Perez she graduated from college in 2017 and took six months to think about where she wanted to study. She was clear that she wanted to enter the University to study music, but she was not sure that she would do it at Javeriana. She then entered the Universidad del Bosque and from there she has been alternating between being a student and a singer-songwriter.

lucky credentials

  • Birthday: June 4, 2000
  • sign/rising/moon : Gemini, Leo, Cancer
  • Chinese zodiac animal: Metal dragon)
  • Lucky number: He likes 7 a lot, but it is not his lucky number.

Laura Perez’s story
“My name is Laura Sofía Pérez García and I’m from 2000. I don’t have a stage name because, when we started this process, we tried to find one, but it was very difficult. Since I was 15, I upload covers to YouTube and mark them with my name.

These are videos that already had many views. Although many said it was a very cool name, we decided to say Laura Pérez because that’s my name and nothing can be done.

At one point I doubted studying music and I told my parents that I was going to study psychology, they looked at me strangely and said “no, but how so?” And I think that if I had chosen another career they would not have supported me as much as with music.

At school I didn’t compose songs, I didn’t know how nor did I have it in mind. Then at the University I began to study music and in the process I began to write songs based on experiences that I lived: I fell in love, I fell in love and I have continued to do so to this day because it is very difficult to be able to say what one feels in a few minutes.

Laura Pérez, Colombian singer

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Before the confinement of the pandemic we were planning everything to start publishing our own music. Then we began to organize ourselves virtually, we made arrangements and during those months of covid we recorded the first EP called Retazos. The first song that came out was A su lado and from there the songs came out weekly.

Without realizing it with live and covers I managed to have a combo of people who listen to me and support me. When I released my own music, I realized that there were people hooked on me.

I remember a lot that in childhood we listened to salsa, merengue, Rikarena, Juan Luis Guerra, a lot Carlos Vives and Mercedes Sosa. It was very varied but I remember that the first time I said “I want to sing” it was with a song by Andrés Cepeda called Carpintero. I was also obsessed with Carbonerito from El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico for a long time.

The guitar is an extension of the body for Laura Pérez

With Ed Sheeran I learned to play guitar, I became obsessed with him and started watching his videos and hearing that his guitars were fabulous. I started listening to a lot of music in English, but then I disconnected because I found a special value in the lyrics and songs in Spanish.

At the age of 11 my dad gave me a guitar, he had always played and it seemed great to me, but when I picked it up it seemed to me that it sounded boring. Suddenly he was hours and hours after school with the guitar and sang songs by Shakira, Maná, Enanitos Verdes, and followed chords. Then on the internet I found tutorials and that was my day to day.

At about 15 my dad gave me the guitar I work with, with which I go everywhere, with which I give concerts. And I got serious with the guitar. There are chords that I don’t know what they’re called, but they sound cool and I use them. When I entered the University I would have liked to introduce myself as a guitarist, but I felt like a ‘torombola’ so I focused on singing because it was clearer to me.

I make music because I want the songs to magically reach the ears of someone in need. There are times when I write very personal things and it is difficult to get it out, but I understand that it can be useful to someone and that is why I compose from a very sincere place of my being.

On my new album, which will be released throughout 2023, there will be a lot of blues, pop pop influences that I didn’t feel so much before and lyrics that come from a very special place in me.

Music unites us!

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Laura Pérez’s voice and guitar are company for the soul

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