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10/13/2022 – 20:48 Pure Life

While Lali Esposito surprises his millions of fans by lending his voice to “Revolución”, a reversal of the theme of nu metal band A.animal, in collaboration with the new album Íntimo extremo – 30 años, which brings together 15 classics from that group; the ragpicker Rels B, with whom the coach of “La Voz Argentina” had been related, spoke of the relationship that unites them.

Visiting Buenos Aires, the popular Spanish ragpicker went through Luzu TV’s “Nobody Says Nothing” cycle, he said: “I met her through some producers who are friends of mine in Spain, who are making music with her and they told me her name” . Then he added: “After a hangover at home looking for a series and suddenly her face comes out and I say: ‘Hey that’s the girl my producers work with, I’m going to see the series. This girl is an actress, she sings, does everything'”.

Regarding the link he maintains with his colleague, he said: “We met in Madrid and we became friends.” Beyond the fact that she wanted to put an end to the rumors of a romanceNati Jota, one of the hosts of the online program, insisted that there was a lot of chemistry between them, in reference to the video clip they shared and for whose diffusion of the first images the rumor of a possible love affair began to spread. “That wave of it being homemade adds up a lot too because I came in from one”, clarified Rels B; and he added: “It was good, we felt super comfortable. Everything was wonderful, a kiss for Lali.”

The alarm about a new romance of the protagonist of “Sky Rojo”, the series that the ragpicker spoke about, was lit last August with a video in a jacuzzi and in bed. In the first image they were both seen cooling off in the jacuzzi of a yacht, in mesh and bikini respectively. Then, how they dive into the sea to swim. And then, the hottest: a completely naked Lali on the bed, barely covered by a sheet and blowing a kiss at the camera and at Rels B, whose arm is seen reaching out to touch her. “How nice it would be, exchanging energies, turning on without saying good morning, making love and then asking you: ‘How did you sleep baby?’ If you dreamed of me…”, says part of the lyrics of the song.

With the premiere of the song and the video, it is now known that it was only a working relationship, although a beautiful friendship between the two continues.

Lali is happy

In addition to his debut in a genre such as nu metal, in collaboration with ANIMAL about what Lali said: “A dream to be on this album”, this work allows him to share a proposal with Lula Bertoldi from Eruca Sativa, Juanes, Los authentices decadentes, Enrique Bunbury, Draco Rosa, Chizzo Nápoli from La Renga, Alex Lora from El tri, Abel Pintos, Andrés Calamaro, León Giego, Rubén Albarrán from Café Tacvba, Roco Pachukote from Maldita Vecindad, Neo Pistea, Ca7riel, A. Taranto, Santiago Cruz , Matamba, Lucybell, Alejandro Lerner and Agarrate Catalina.

Beyond music, very soon he will show his new acting work for streaming with the premiere of “El fin del amor”, the series he produced.

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Lali Esposito never tires of revolutionizing and falling in love – El Liberal

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