Lali Espósito and Dua Lipa come together to present a new line of sneakers

What do Dua Lipa have in common with Lali? What is it that unites them on and off the stage? What moves them? What inspires them? These are some of the questions that, although they seem to be linked to the style of music they perform, have an answer that goes beyond their music and lies in their looks both on and off stage. And what unites them, perhaps, is the chameleon-like ability to mutate styles, but always respecting the essence. On this occasion, what unites them is an invitation to dare to combine everything. And they are the new Mayze Stack sneakers, a continuation of the already emblematic Mayze, but this time they are born within the new PUMA line called DARE TO.

PUMA’s Mayze family expands and lands with a new proposal that adds a few centimeters of height to its already iconic sneakers. On this occasion, the Mayze Stack continues the legacy of the sports firm, maintaining its already well-known silhouette but altering the heel measurements. The new collection is called DARE TO, and promises to continue telling a story that unites Dua Lipa with Lali, two emblems of the local and international genre.

The urban trend has been occupying more space within the art scene and was well received by both the public and the artists due to its comfortable, fresh and at the same time stylish attributes. It is as if fashion and wellness have found a middle ground when creating a product that is not only aesthetic but can also be used on a daily basis, regardless of the occasion that calls for it. And it is that the Mayze Stack are characterized by being versatile, expressive and flexible when putting together looks. Not a minor point when choosing fashion items that can be replicated in multiple outfits and that do not lose grace after being used several times.

Why are they chosen by artists of the stature of Dua Lipa and Lali? And it is that more and more performers, with large stage displays and dynamic and energetic choreographies, need comfortable footwear that accompanies each step. And their looks do not go unnoticed, since among so many tours and commitments they require garments that, in addition to representing their style, are comforting to fulfill all their obligations.


mayze it fits perfectly with all my looks, it works on and off stage. The sole is so versatile that I can combine it in any look”, says Dua Lipa, ambassador of the German brand. And it is that Mayze DARE TO lands as a collection with the aim of uniting fashion and sport through an intrepid line that combines bold details and the classic silhouette. Among its striking items, which invite you to move without losing your style, this launch is made up of garments that easily adapt to each silhouette through comfortable and stylish models.

Launched in 2021, the Mayze family now has a new design that is born thanks to the adaptation of the sole, which now has more height and a robust rubber design. Although the essence remained the same, the result was achieved by mixing its disruptive design language with an addition of centimeters in the sole.

At a local level, the star of the campaign is Lali, a chameleonic artist in terms of her looks and musical styles, a reference that shines both above and below the music scene. In addition to the Mayze Stack, the collection has a cropped top, a short vest, a sports jacket, a body, leggings and other sports items that fuse fashion and urban trends in the same concept: daring to combine everything, for women. multifaceted and multi-talented and multi-styled.


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Lali Espósito and Dua Lipa come together to present a new line of sneakers

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