Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs brand is getting a fresh start, but why?

A few years after being born, the Haus Labs brand created by Lady Gaga herself underwent a beautiful rebranding. But why ?

While many stars enter the beauty industry, sometimes their brand doesn’t get the much-needed attention. But what happens when a label of this type does not take off an inch? It’s simple, there is rebranding. This is the case of Haus Labs formerly called Haus Laboratories, created by Lady Gaga in 2018 and sold on the Amazon platform.

Haus Labs, a grand arrival at Sephora

Inspired by his beginnings as an artist, his brand aspires today to appraise its formulas and go further in terms of performance, pigmentation and technology. The whole, by adding a skincare range to its proposal initial rather oriented make up. And yes… Because a nice make-up depends above all on a good preparation of the skin and that Lady Gaga understood it well.

To accompany this launch, Lady Gaga explains on her Instagram page:

“I am extremely excited to announce that we are about to launch brand new, super effective and clean makeup artistry, through a place that has inspired me for years, Sephora. At Haus Labs, art is for everyone, and no one should have to damage their skin or sacrifice their principles and values ​​to express themselves with high-performance makeup. »

The launch will be scheduled for June 9 in all Sephora in the USA and Canada. For the moment, we do not yet know when the brand will land in Francebut know that it will still be possible to shop the products that catch your eye by visiting the site

Why such a rebranding?

Although it is true that Lady Gaga’s cosmetics brand has been able to make rather sharp proposals, she quickly found herself drowned in the mass of made in celebrities claws which were beginning to swarm on the market. And the interpreter of Poker face was already well aware of the inherent difficulty of launching a new line long before the launch of his brand. She already explained on her Instagram page that yet another brand was a risky bet: “The last thing the world needs is another cosmetics brand. but too bad. »

And what had to happen happened. Sober packaging, rather neutral colors… Lady Gaga’s label products didn’t seem to reflect the singer’s personality nor the biases she once defended in an interview with Business Of Fashion :

“God gave me this voice for a reason, I don’t know why, I ask myself this question all the time, but what is certain is that I am not going to launch a beauty brand that will create a feeling insecurity and fear among people. Here it is about liberation. »

Hopefully this new attempt, driven by Sephora, will be successful and more representative consumer expectations today in terms efficiency, originality but also and above all composition.

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Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs brand is getting a fresh start, but why?

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