Lady Gaga wore an armored dress at Joe Biden’s inauguration

Lady Gaga was in charge of interpreting the national anthem at the inauguration of Joe Biden, on January 20, 2021. For this historic moment, she opted for a creation by the Schiaparelli firm, which is headed by the American creator Daniel Roseberry. Of this piece, the designer said in his day: “It is a love letter to the country that I miss so much.” Now the singer herself has revealed that the dress hid a secret, the result of the fear that those convulsive days in the United States lived. Joined.

the star of House of Gucci spoke about what the experience of having such an important role in the presidential inauguration meant to her during an interview for the British edition of fashion. “That has to be one of the proudest days of my life. Like many people in the United States, I felt deep fear when [Donald] Trump was elected president. And I knew that Schiaparelli being an Italian fashion house was something that I really wanted to do because of my heritage as an Italian-American woman who would be singing for the 45th president to go away and invite the 46th president to her charge, it’s something that I’ll be able to tell you about. my children,” said the singer, who was born Stefani Germanotta.

The investiture came on January 20, 2021 in a climate of maximum tension. To the rebelliousness of Donald Trump, who refused to acknowledge his defeat (and even today has not given his arm to twist, we must add that on the night of January 6 groups of excited Republicans violently assaulted the Capitol. In addition, one more week Later, the FBI detected plans by extremists to boycott Joe Biden’s inauguration, so little precaution was taken.

Lady Gaga performing the US national anthem


No one knows, but this is a bulletproof dress.”

Lady Gagaartist

For the occasion, in what interpreted The Star-Spangled BannerLady Gaga opted for a red jacket and skirt in the same shades as the American flag, which the singer of shallow described as “bulletproof” while speaking with fashion. “I wore this Schiaparelli design for the inauguration, and nobody knows it, but this is a bulletproof dress,” revealed the artist, who complemented her look with a huge gold brooch with a dove carrying an olive branch in peak.

The singer of hits like Chromatica he did not go into detail about how the suit was made armored. It’s unclear if he was wearing a bulletproof vest underneath or if Schiaparelli’s creative director Daniel Roseberry customized it as such. The truth is that now the rigidity of the long-sleeved jacket that was appreciated then takes on a new meaning.

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Lady Gaga wore an armored dress at Joe Biden’s inauguration

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