Lady Gaga shows the real texture of her skin without a drop of makeup

Although it may seem hard to believe, there are celebrities who become the target of strong criticism on social networks for situations that, for many, can be really insignificant. as happened with the most recent appearance of Lady Gaga on the TikTok platform.

Although the singer is one of the most famous and successful stars in the music industry today, this does not make you free from negative feedback that constantly circulate on digital platforms.

During her artistic career, the interpreter of “Bad romance” has been criticized on different occasions for her unique and extravagant style that, although it is true, has highlighted her in important events and stages, it has also led her to be in the sights of his detractors.

Among the appearances of Lady Gaga that have caused the most stir is when she posed in a meat dress on the red carpet at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awardsa suit that was designed by Franc Fernández and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

The singer also drew attention in 2009 for wearing a yellow ribbon on her body, as if it were a tight and tiny swimsuit, or in 2014 when she risked dressing up as a star to attend a nightclub known as Club VIP Room.

Lady Gaga without a drop of makeup

In addition to her eccentric ‘looks’, the artist has made it clear that she is a lover of cosmetics, which is why she launched herself as a businesswoman with her own line of products called Haus Labs by Lady Gaga, offering makeup for men and women.

However, for Lady Gaga it has also been important to appear natural with the intention of sending powerful messages of self-love in the face of the reality of what human beings are and their imperfections. For this reason, from her TikTok account, the famous decided to record herself without a drop of makeup and disheveledrevealing her dark circles, blemishes and acne, while sharing her makeup routine with her products.

The natural video unleashed all kinds of reactions among Internet users, as there were those who were quite surprised and did not see it with very good eyes. “What deception does makeup and filters do”, “wow what does makeup do”, “OMG how horrible it looks”, “please Lady, don’t stop wearing makeup”, “makeup is all a deception, it looks like another ”are some comments that the users of the video platform have made in their publication.

On the other hand, there are those who defend her and ask for more empathy when criticizing someone, highlighting that the artist’s goal with this type of appearance is to get out of fantasy to show reality regardless of criticism.

In full concert, Lady Gaga received a blow to the face

Gaga suffered a small incident in the middle of a concert in Toronto, Canada. The interpreter, during her musical tour Chromatica Ball Tour, received the impact of a stuffed animal on his face while doing his performance.

Although the singer would not have been injured by the force of the impact, it would have interfered with the presentation of the diva, who was singing “Hold my Hand” at the time of the incident. Apparently it was a gift from one of the concertgoers.

In the midst of social networks, Internet users confirmed that it was a Dr. Simi stuffed animal, which just brushed the singer’s face at the top and although it did bother him while he sang, he continued his presentation as if nothing had happened.

The video that shows the exact moment in which the event occurs has been broadcast on social networks, and Internet users recalled that there would be a Mexican “tradition” in which this type of stuffed animal would be launched at concerts by great artists, such as Coldplay, Gorillaz , Maroon 5, among others.

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Lady Gaga shows the real texture of her skin without a drop of makeup

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