Lady Gaga launches into the vegan world with a company you don’t expect

Some time ago, singer Lady Gaga decided to follow in the footsteps of her colleagues Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande by launching her own makeup line called “Haus Laboratories.”. Despite the influence of Mother Monster in the music industry, her makeup line had not achieved the international renown of “Fenty Beauty”, Rihanna’s brand, or “Rare Beauty”, Selena Gómez’s brand, by now. that their products could only be found through Amazon and the publicity they gave them at the time of their first product launches was not as impressive as that of other firms.

Although she got great reviews for her eyeliner and the quality of the shadows in her makeup palettes, The artist decided to reinvent herself a little more with her project by changing the image of the brand and launching a new 100% vegan and cruelty free collection (not tested on animals).

Lady Gaga

A few weeks ago, Lady Gaga’s brand marketing department started a campaign to increase the hype of the artist’s fans by creating a new Instagram account called ‘Haus Labs by Lady Gaga’, where they shared several posts, a Both disturbing and unrevealing, of the new projects of the interpreter of “Poker Face”. Through a colorful statement that said “The Future in Beautiful” (The future is beautiful), the new Haus Labs collection came to light, revealing that these products are suitable for vegans, since they do not contain any component of animal origin And they haven’t been tested on animals either. “I am very excited to announce that we are bringing to the world a new concept of artistic makeup,” said Gaga. “At Haus Labs, art is for everyone and no one should have to harm their skin or sacrifice their principles and values ​​to express themselves through high-performance makeup,” she added.

According to the statement from the protagonist of “La Casa Gucci”, the cosmetic firm has opted to follow the clean beauty philosophy to develop its line of makeup and skincare products. On the brand’s website they have indicated that all available products have been formulated with ingredients that care for the skin and that respect animal life, since they are made with natural ingredients that have been extracted in a sustainable way for the environment due to its innovative formulation technology.

They have not yet fully revealed the products that will be included in this new collection, but from the images they have shared on the brand’s official account, it can be assumed that they will have a wide selection of eyeliners in striking and vibrant colors, lipsticks and eyeshadows. highly pigmented eyes Although there is still a month to go before its launch, Mother Monster has already managed to get the necessary hype so that its entire fan community is eager to purchase its products.

At the time of its launch on June 9, it will only be available at Sephora in the United States and Canada and for shipments to Spain it can be purchased through the official website.

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Lady Gaga launches into the vegan world with a company you don’t expect

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