Kiss in Lima will include an air show and more details of today’s concert

It will be the last chance to see one of the most spectacular live shows in the world. The band Kiss says goodbye to the stage and Lima has been chosen as one of the stops for this tour that closes his long career. The organizer of this great event tells us what this unmissable night will be like.

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—Finally, after two years of having postponed the Kiss concert due to the pandemic, it will take place. What was it like having to cancel this mega-event in 2020?

It was a nightmare, the perfect storm. We had the idea that Kiss would be what we would inaugurate Arena 1 with on May 2, 2020, but the pandemic came in March and all dreams ended. Fortunately, we managed to maintain the illusion that this could be done, it was only a matter of time. Now, on May 4th, Kiss will finally be at Arena 1. Fortunately the band was able to give us that date. We were permanently in contact with them. We have moved everything for two years and we are going to fulfill the dream of all those people who bought their ticket and who are doing it today. The production is going to be something extraordinary and the show incredible.

—Kiss concerts are listed as the largest in the world, are we going to see the same as in Chile, Argentina and Brazil, considering that Arena 1 is not a stadium?

Arena 1 is a ‘venue’ that has capacity for 22 thousand people. It won’t be a stadium, but it’s very nice because it’s welcoming. It is also unique in Lima because you can get there through the Costa Verde, which is an important access road. Besides, you have parking for a thousand vehicles and if you walk 50 meters, you are already inside the show. For the type of ‘venue’ you have a closed space with impeccable acoustics and this is big enough.

—Have you made any adjustments to keep the Kiss show intact?

Due to the fact that we are looking for the experience to be complete, we have had to remove the stage, which is gigantic: 35 meters wide by 23 meters high. We have about 300 m2 of screen. In this case, they have asked us to put the area where all the lighting and sound are monitored, which is 50 meters from the stage, at 35 meters because there is a number of Paul [Stanley] in which it goes from the main stage to this area through a dumbbell that goes through the air. He is going to land on a kind of stage where he is going to play two songs. I won’t say more so as not to spoil the surprise. But everything will be there: the pyrotechnics, the elevators, everything.

-In your shows in Argentina and Chile you have seen entire families, is this also expected in Lima?

It is a show for the whole family. Many parents have asked us if they can go with their young children and the answer is yes. Let us remind you that Kiss started in 1973, I was four years old, that means that my dad, who is now 80, has listened to Kiss, so you have for the grandparents, for the parents, for the children and the children of the children. Four generations can be at a Kiss concert.

—We are still experiencing the pandemic, what protocols will apply on the day of the concert?

I would like us to put into perspective the current situation of Covid in the world and in Peru, where we have vaccinated 80% of the people. With that, the authorities have released things, but masks are still required inside some places. What we have to do is neither more nor less than what the authority requires of us and that is that the older ones have a complete vaccination and that the minors have two. That control is what we are going to have.

“What is the forward view?”

From the One Entertainment side, after Kiss we are co-owners of [el concierto] Karol G, who sold out two dates at Arena 1. We also have Barrio Latino and we’re looking at two additional artists that I can’t comment on until they’re closed. In the end, on October 8th, we have Guns N Roses to recover from the enormous upset that their cancellation caused and the gigantic loss that we had. We have an important list of events on the One side, some of them are going to be in Arena 1, but on the other hand we have other events. The important thing is that Arena 1 is a multifaceted place to do many more things, for example, we have important fairs closed, Oktober Fest, Comic Con, some important corporate events that are being managed. We hope that after this year, Arena 1 has held 40 events, of which a third is concerts, the other is fairs and, finally, corporate events. That is what we seek as a strategic plan, to provide a value offer that has three components, the first, an extraordinary location, easy access and parking. The second, a turnkey service: you come with your artist or event and here we put together absolutely everything for you. And the third, at a price 15 or 20% lower than the market. This offers Arena 1.

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Kiss in Lima

The band’s concert will be this Wednesday May 4th.

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Kiss in Lima will include an air show and more details of today’s concert

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