«Kim Salami and MFC Chicken are bands that make their concerts parties»

Two of the leading bands of Folc Records are coming to the festival. Do you think that the philosophy of your label is similar to that of the Big Bang Festival?

Now that I know the people who organize it, I can say totally, because what moves them and us is the passion for music.

What would you highlight about the first band to perform Kim Salami & The Cumberland 3?

That mix several of the styles that I like the most, such as pub-rock, rhythm & blues and punk-rock, in short, rock and roll. And what do they do with their concerts?

MFC Chicken is the band that closes on Saturday, the strongest day of the festival. How would you define your staging?

For me it is the best live frat rock band in the world. I repeat myself if I say that they make their concerts parties, but their attitude on stage is that of four guys enjoying themselves to the fullest, making people have a good time with an infallible rock and roll and r&b repertoire when it comes to doing dance people.

Your label is also called Amigos de Los Chicos, the band in which you participate as a guitarist. Is this a statement of intent about the groups you sign?

Totally. The label is run by my brother and I, who, as you say, are the guitarists of Los Chicos, and we created it to release records of groups of friends that we had been making for a long time touring all over the place and nobody wanted to take it away from us. Over time, we no longer only get groups of our friends, but, in general, they end up being.

How would you define your record label?

A label created from the love of rock and roll in all its aspects.

Apart from the bands mentioned above, what are the most powerful groups, from your point of view, on your label?

Hahaha, you’re going to make me look bad with the ones I don’t name, so I’m just saying The Boys, hehe. No, let’s see if powerful refers to sales, in recent months we have released albums that are selling very well, such as La Perra Blanco, Disciples of Dionysus, Asteroid B612 or the Oddballs. Throughout the label’s history, top sellers would be a Mudhoney LP, Guadalupe Plata’s first full-length album, or a Southern Culture On The Skids single. As for the groups with which we work on their hiring, the most powerful would be MFC Chicken and Daddy Long Legs, although in the last year we have also added groups like Flamin’ Groovies or John Paul Keith to our roster.

Do you have distribution in other countries?

Yes, mainly in Europe. We work with several distributors but we also do it with other labels similar to ours. And in the United States we have distribution through Get Hip Recordings!

What do you think of the other bands that participate in the Big Band poster?

There are two others that are from Folc records as well, like Ghost Number, whose new album we’re releasing next week, or Misfits, who collaborated with them on the release of their latest album several years ago. The rest, the ones I know, are cool, but I haven’t had the chance to see them live, so it’s the perfect time to do it.

And what about a festival like the Big Bang where there are also workshops, shows, presentations, etc.?

I find it very interesting that various activities are carried out throughout the day. It is not a festival to use, where you see a thousand groups and you can end up saturated. That way it becomes very pleasant. Or so I hope, it’s my first time.

How do you see rock and roll at this time when young people demand reggaeton or rap and in which artists sometimes even act in playback?

Well, we’ve been saying for some time that at r&r concerts we’re all old men, so now we’ll all be old geezers hehe. Seriously speaking, I am something positive, because I am seeing more and more young people in concerts and in festivals of these styles. There are not many, but there are. And the fact is that r&r has always been a minority, that is not going to change.

What are your leading artists or groups?

The list would not go here- But well, to get wet and say a few, Doctor Feelgood, Neil Young, Little Richard, NRBQ, Mojo Nixon, MC5, Rufus Thomas, Howlin’ Wolf and a thousand more.

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«Kim Salami and MFC Chicken are bands that make their concerts parties»

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