Killing of Ozar Hatorah: Y. Monsonégo still leads the Jewish school “it’s a lesson in life” greet the teachers

We continue this week our series of reports on the Merah case, 10 years later. The tributes in Toulouse will be organized next Saturday and Sunday. In March 2012, Mohamed Merah, a Toulouse petty criminal indoctrinated by jihadist ideology, killed three soldiers in Toulouse and Montauban. On March 19, the so-called scooter killer massacred 3 Jewish children and a teacher at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in the Roseraie district. He coldly killed Jonathan Sandler (30 years old) as well as his children Arié (six years old) and Gabriel (three and a half years old) but also the daughter of the director, Myriam Monsonego (eight years old).

The Jewish school that became Ohr Torah remembers the killing every year. In 2017, a work by Charles Stratos was inaugurated in the courtyard of this college-high school which is to date the only Jewish boarding school in France under contract with the State. The tree of life, engraved with the names of the victims, perpetuates their memory.

A school focused on the future

Forever marked by the abject, Ohr Torah does not dwell on the past, “we are focused on the future of children” explains Laurent Raynaud professor of technology; “we try to have a normal functioning, we come back from a school trip to ski with the 6th-5th; activities continue and will continue underlines the director of studies, like a snub to the monster who has attacked the sacred. His children will remain the compass of the Jewish school, it is the objective of Yaakov Monsogeno and his wife, they still run the establishment which saw their little girl fall under the bullets of Merah “ they are there every day to set an example, to talk about the future, it is also a life lesson every day” considers Laurent Raynaud already present in 2012; “that day a colleague called me to tell me that there had been shooting and injured children”. The teacher once past the security cordon plunged into horror, “we had to open rooms for the police, the psychologists” and faced with dignity “there were the children and the distraught parents, we acted as we were asked, without thinking”.

Behind the shield, children’s laughter

Ohr Torah has 25 teachers, 8 management members for 150 students including 30 boarders. From the outside, the school looks like a bunker. Metal screens, video surveillance cameras in shambles, barbed wire and a security guard with the stature of a Mossad agent. “We now offer a lot of security guarantees, it’s true that it looks like a fortress, but inside it’s a school like any other, with children playing football or hide and seek. » assures the teacher who still does not understand how his establishment could have been targeted “It’s inhumane to attack innocent children just because they are Jewish, it’s inexplicable that a human being can do that” in this school “which will forever remain different because it has experienced something that is hard to conceive. »

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Killing of Ozar Hatorah: Y. Monsonégo still leads the Jewish school “it’s a lesson in life” greet the teachers

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