Kenya Os has 2023 full of concerts and some dates are already sold out

Kenya Osthe 23-year-old singer finally shared her K23 tourthe same as last 2022 had a party in collaboration with TikTok. Do you remember it?

With great emotion, Kenia Os held her party last year and saying that there would also be a tour, now the date, locations and price of K23 tickets.

We share with you if Kenya Os will go to the State where you live, when is the pre-sale and when is the general sale for the K23 tour.

Kenya announces the K23 tour and these are all the dates, venues and ticket prices

We did not see the date on which Kenya Os make official his K23 tourbecause the party had already been lived since last year.

With the details fine-tuned, the singer from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, shared the dates and venues of her K23 tour. And of course, we tell you the price.

The K23 tour of Kenya Os It will be in the Mexican Republic and the United Stateswith a total of 42 dates, however, we have to say that some dates are already sold out.

These are the places and dates where Kenia Os will perform:

  • CDMX: February 3 at the National Auditorium
  • Guadalajara: February 10 at the Telmex Auditorium
  • Monterrey: February 11 at House of Blues
  • Las Vegas: February 23 at House of Blues
  • Phoenix: February 24 at The Van Buren
  • El Paso: February 25 at Plaza Theater
  • Dallas: March 8 at House of Blues
  • McAllen: March 11 at Performing arts center
  • San Antonio: March 12 at Aztec Theater
  • Chicago: March 15 at House of Blues
  • Washington: March 17 at Howard Theater
  • New York: March 18 at Irving Plaza
  • San Francisco: March 22 at The Fillmore
  • Stockton: March 24 at Bob Hope Theater
  • Los Angeles: March 25 at Observatory OC
  • Atlanta: May 18 at Buckhead
  • Charlotte: May 20 at The Underground
  • Orlando: May 24 at House of Blues
  • Miami: May 25 at Oasis Wynwood
  • Tijuana: June 2, El Trompo Interactive Museum
  • Mexicali: June 3 in Ceart
  • Hermosillo: June 9 at CUM Auditorium
  • Mazatlan: To be announced
  • Aguascalientes: June 16 at Mega Velaria
  • León: June 17 at El Domo
  • Mérida: June 23 at the GNP Forum
  • Cancun: June 24 at Plaza de Toros Cancun
  • Toluca: August 18 at Teatro Morelos
  • Puebla: August 19 at CCU Auditorium
  • Oaxaca: August 25 at Guelaguetza Auditorium
  • Tuxtla: August 26 at Foro Chiapas
  • Querétaro: September 1 at Josefa Auditorium
  • Morelia: September 2 at the Palace of Art
  • Saltillo: September 8 at Parque las Maravillas
  • Torreón: September 9 at Coliseo Centenario
  • Los Monchis: November 17 at the Multiple Use Center (CUM)
  • San Luis Potosí: November 18 at Domo de la Feria
  • Veracruz: November 24 at Benito Juárez Auditorium
  • Villahermosa: November 25 at the Convention Center

In this way, Kenya Os will have a whole 2023 full of concerts.

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As announced by the singer, the pre-sale will be on February 1 and general sale on February 3. However, there are venues that are already sold out.

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Kenya announces its K23 tour. (@kenyaos)

Do you want to see Kenya Osh at the National Auditorium this 2023? Her concert is already sold out

Kenya Os already announced the complete tour of K23Nevertheless, since months before it had already been sold out in CDMX and other areas of the country.

Although the tour was not one hundred percent announced, since June 2022, Kenia Os already had dates for CDMX, Monterrey, and Guadalajara, and tickets have already been put on sale.

These are the places where Kenia Os is already sold out:

  • CDMX
  • Guadalajara
  • Monterey
  • San Diego
  • NY

Prices for Kenya Os tickets at the National Auditorium were sold at 480 pesos to 1,880 pesos, on June 15 and 16.

So far, it is unknown if Kenia Os will have another concert in CDMX due to the sold out it obtained since last year.

Also, there are some places that Kenya will have you meet & greathowever, the price of this does not include your concert ticket.

These are the places where Kenia Os will live with her fans and the price of access to living together:

  • Tijuana: 3,500 pesos (does not include access to the concert)
  • Hermosillo: 3 thousand 920 pesos
  • Aguascalientes: there is still no price for the meet & great
  • León: there is still no price for the meet & great
  • Merida: 4 thousand 50 pesos
  • Tuxtla: 3,500 pesos (does not include access to the concert)
  • Saltillo: there is no price for the meet & great yet
  • Veracruz: there is still no price for the meet & great
  • Villahermosa: there is no price yet for the meet & great

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Kenya Os has 2023 full of concerts and some dates are already sold out

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