Katy Perry reveals an uninhibited photo of her postpartum body

The singer gave birth to her first child on August 26. A little girl named Daisy Dove Bloom, born of her union with actor Orlando Bloom. Daniel Pockett – ICC/Getty Images

Just days after giving birth, the singer posted a photo of herself in her underwear. A cliché that suggests the reality, all too often hidden, of the body of postpartum women.

Nursing bra, maternity panties, half-closed eyes and negligently raised hair… This year, Katy Perry’s look for the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) was far from the rhinestone and sequin dress code of the red carpets. And for good reason: Orlando Bloom’s companion, who gave birth to a baby girl, Daisy Dove, on August 26, did not attend the ceremony held on the night of August 31. However, she made reference to it, posting a selfie in her Instagram story. She appears there in her underwear in her bathroom. But no lascivious posing or sexy lingerie. Neither hair nor makeup, the singer still pays tribute to her “glam team”, the team that developed her look of the moment: “Hair and makeup by @épuisement, bra by @medela_us, underwear by @ fridamon”. These last two brands are respectively a brand of breastfeeding products and postpartum accessories.

Without complexes

With her photo, Katy Perry intends to be transparent about childbirth and its consequences. Far from the impeccable appearance of a Kate Middleton, 7 hours after the birth of her daughter Charlotte in 2015, the singer appears without complex, the belly still very round almost a week after the birth of her daughter, sports bra. ready to use and visible signs of fatigue on the face.

Glamour ? Maybe not. But that’s also what the hashtag #MonPostPartum defends, repeated more than three million times on Instagram. Launched in France last February, it lists testimonials from women who tell of the physical and psychological difficulties they face after giving birth.

Amy, Chrissy, Ashley…

Other celebrities have also recently helped lift the veil on postpartum. In the lead, actress Amy Shumer, who posted photos on Instagram of her pumping her milk, or on the toilet, in her hospital gown. In the pantheon of moms-stars who participate in uninhibiting women, there is also Chrissy Teigen, the wife of singer John Legend, or even Ashley Graham, whose motherhood has taken nothing away from her fight against the injunctions made to the body of women. Since the birth of her son in January 2020, the model has multiplied the publications on Instagram, revealing the stretch marks on her stomach or even showing her breastfeeding her son in a cafe. An unfiltered approach, as close as possible to reality.

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Katy Perry reveals an uninhibited photo of her postpartum body

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