“Karma is real”: the last song announced by Taylor Swift confirms a fan theory three years later

Over the last twenty days we have witnessed how Taylor Swift used his TikTok account to reveal the title of a new song from his album every other daywith a new Midnights Mayhem With Me bingo broadcast taking place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

However, if Taylor Swift is known for something, it is for being the queen of confusion and Easter Eggs, and Thursday midnight broke with tradition to announce a new song, number 11, whose title has not gone unnoticed.

Karma is the concept used to give the title to this new theme in the eighth episode of the format. The description of the video has also been talked about: “very excited to announce this” along with a laughing emoji that also emulated her behavior after the announcement. And it is that the one from Tennessee seemed to freak out in front of her audience after announcing the name of this topic.

karma is real

Why? Karma is part of an extensive fan theory that the singer’s followers have been developing for years. Taylor Swift has used the word “karma” on many occasions throughout her career, one of the times that raised the most repercussions was during an interview for Vogue magazine in 2016, when practically out of context she comments: “Karma is real (Karma is real).”

From that moment on, many swifties predicted that the next album to 1989 would be called that, due, among other things, to the fact that shortly after the release of the interview Taylor Swift would appear at the Met Gala with a completely new makeoverdyed platinum blonde, something she usually does when she changes musical eras.

However, all the controversy resulting from his conflict with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian throughout that year would delay the release of the album until the end of 2017. (Taylor Swift had always released her albums in the month of October in even years) and changes the concept of the album to what we know today: Reputation.

In the first single of this era, Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift mentions the word karma again in the phrase “All I think about is Karma”, and at the end of the video clip we can see a Taylor in the background cutting one of the wings of the plane on the set on which “TS6” (Taylor Swift’s sixth album) is written, to spray write “Reputation”; which would confirm this change of plans after its disappearance from the media throughout the previous year.

Karma would also appear a third time during the video clip of The Man, from the Lover era.when this title appears on a wall next to the rest of the albums of his entire career to date, denouncing the purchase of his masters and the ownership of all his work by Scooter Brown. A Taylor Swift, characterized as an important businessman, also pissed on the wall to write the title of the single, a position that her friend Blake Lively would recreate on Instagram last year. in which it has already been confirmed that it was a clue that a new Miss Americana job was on the way.

All these clues lead us to today, to the announcement of Karma as the eleventh song on the album.. Taylor Swift’s laughter and words are a sign of complicity with her fans, as she is aware of all the work of theories that is always behind her music. This seems to be confirmed. A wink that we will end up discovering on October 21, the date on which we will finally have Midnights in our hands.

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“Karma is real”: the last song announced by Taylor Swift confirms a fan theory three years later

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