Kanye West and John Legend worked together early in their career!

John Legend returned with emotion to his collaborations with Kanye West, with whom he formed a legendary Chicago duo.

Soul legend John Legend has opened up about his friendship with Kanye West. The two artists have collaborated on many occasions together, becoming true friends over time. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Kanye West: a pillar of US rap

Since the start of his career, Kanye West has had a string of successes. He has therefore succeeded in establishing himself as one of the pillars of American rap.

In 2004, he arrived with The College Dropout. The beginning of a long line of albums considered important projects in the history of rap, such as Graduation (2007), Yeezus (2013) or The Life of Pablo (2016).

These last years, Kanye West has renewed himself a bit musically. In 2019, the artist released jesus is kingan album with a gospel and religious tone, with Christianity as the central theme of the project.

An album which divides its fans but which nevertheless was a hit, in breaking listening records on Spotify. Moreover, in 2021, the interpreter of Power came back with dondaan album bearing the name of his mother.

Inside, there are luxury featurings with Kid Cudi, Marilyn Manson or Jay-Z. In 2022, Kanye West released 2. The album was entitled to an astonishing release on the market.

In fact, to listen 2, fans of the singer had to buy the Stem Playera kind of round MP3 player sold by Kanye West for 200 dollars.

If the artistic and marketing facets of Kanye West are often put forward, John Legend wanted to underline the human quality of the rapper in an interview for Apple Music. MCE TV tells you more!

A unique and positive relationship

In an interview with Apple Music, John Legend wanted to look back on his early career years. He also much leaned into her longtime relationship with Kanye West.

“I’ve just collaborated with so many awesome artists throughout my career. I started with Kanye at GOOD Music and our goal was to bring together hip-hop and soul”, he explained. A motivation that seems to have paid off.

Indeed, through numerous collaborations such as number one or Blame Game, the two artists then created great musical successes. The soul star also wanted to highlight the importance of his relationship with Kanye West for the rest of his career.

“I was on a lot of Kanye stuff… A lot of stuff he was producing for other people”, he detailed. For example, Kanye West worked on John Legend’s 2004 debut album, dubbed Get Lifted.

“He produced my songs and put me in touch with other hip-hop people, so there have always been a lot of collaborations in my career”concludes John Legend.

Kanye West still seems so focused on sharing. Not long ago, the rapper appeared in the clip The Heart Part 5 by Kendrick Lamar. It remains to be seen what other new collaborations Kanye West will offer his audience in the coming years.

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Kanye West and John Legend worked together early in their career!

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